Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/26/18 to 12/1/18

Week 11/12 this week, come on in and work off your Thanksgiving grub! Monday: We will kick off the week with some tough aerobic intervals...keep in mind that your total work time in both classes will be about 30 minutes. Find a pace you can maintain without taking long breaks! In the CrossFit WOD the goal should be to hit the same number of reps in both rounds for each AMRAP. In Chaka Fit try to finish each round in the same amount of time. Tuesday: CrossFit will have you going heavy on the deadlift today with triples, be sure to stay engaged through all three reps. Tackle descending reps of pistols, S2OH and GHD Sit-ups (or Slam Ball Sit-ups) for time in the WOD. The Chaka Fit Class

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/19/18 to 11/24/18

Here we are at week 10 of our cycle! Don't forget we have a modified schedule on Thursday and Friday this week for the holiday! Both days, you are welcome to come to any class regardless of your membership. Monday: We will kick off the week with Push Press as our strength in the CrossFit Class. The WOD has a 25 minute time cap to finish a down and up ladder of BBJO, KBS and Goblet Lunges!! The Chaka Fit Class will hit two WODs after a strength EMOM that will work your core, hamstrings, and lats! Tuesday: CrossFit will have a lot of HEAVY barbell work! Heavy Squat Cleans followed by Death by Squat Cleans! You will finish with a Partner WOD with a race to do as many rope climbs as you

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/12/18 to 11/17/18

We are in week 9, still focusing on strength maintenance, gymnastics volume and barbell cycling. Make sure you take note of our Thanksgiving Schedule! Monday: Both classes will be focusing on squatting as the strength paired with a horizontal press today. The CrossFit WOD will encourage you to be efficient with the cycling of your hang cleans or you will spend unnecessary time picking the bar back up off the ground. Challenge yourself in the Chaka Fit WOD to see if you can do all of the movements unbroken, and take minimal rest in transition between movements. Tuesday: Choose from a Partner WOD in CrossFit where you will strategically decide how to spilt the reps, or three 10 minute WOD

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/5/18 to 11/10/18

Week 8 is here! We are continuing to hit some Olympic Lifting style strength with some accessory work of overhead squats this week. Heavy front rack lunges and strict press will add to your strength work this week as well. The gymnastics skill work continues to add more volume, this week with C2B pull-ups, you can scale as needed to help with your own progress. Barbell cycling, interval workouts and core strength is all sprinkled in to help us stay balanced!! Monday: The CrossFit strength will give everyone an opportunity to work a weakness, a behind the neck jerk into overhead squats! Choose to stay light and work on full depth or challenge yourself with the weight! The Chaka Fit str

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