Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/25/19 to 3/2/19

This is Dan's first Open, but did he really do 19.1? I don't see a rower! Don't forget if you are registered for the Open you must LOG YOUR SCORES by 8pm on Monday night. They need to be validated by Chaka before they appear on the leaderboard, so please be sure to leave the top portion of your scorecard at the box! Monday: CrossFit will perfect those power snatches today with a descending rep/ascending weight WOD! Finish up with some Double Under practice, they have been in the Open EVERY year so there is no avoiding them! In Chaka Fit, hit up three back to back couplets of 5 rounds each. If you finish before the 10 minute time cap, you have earned yourself a break going into the next

Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/18/19 to 2/23/19

Hard to believe it's here already, the first week of the 2019 CrossFit Open!!! The first workout will be announced online at 8pm on Thursday night. For ALL classes on Friday we will complete the Open WOD 19.1. Even if you workout in the morning, we encourage you to come back for Friday Night Lights! Our 5pm class will begin with a self led warm-up (similar to Saturdays), review of the movements and standards at 5:20pm and the first heat of the workout will kick off at 5:30pm. The length of the WOD will determine when Heat 2, etc. will go. If you can't get to the box by 5pm, just come when you can and sign up for a later heat! It's not too late to register, you have until 8pm on Monday

Chaka CrossFit Weekly Programming: 2/11/19 to 2/16/19

Interested in Chaka gear with the new logo?! Click HERE to order yours before 2/19/19! Did you know you now can have prepared meals delivered right to Chaka? 1. Go to 2- Visit the 'Learn' tab to read about the Lean, Maintain and Gain plans. 3- Create an Account. 4- Load your cart with a minimum of 10 meals before Tuesday midnight. 5- Click on the cart and then click on view shopping cart. You'll enter discount code 'chaka' to receive 5% off and select FREE DELIVERY to the gym. 6- Pick up your meals Saturday at Chaka Crossfit Monday: Today is the day of our ANAEROBIC RETEST!! We have worked for 8 weeks to increase our anaerobic capacity through short sprint

Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/4/19 to 2/9/19

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate our anniversary with us!! We are so lucky to have such a supportive community and we appreciate you all taking the time to come and enjoy an afternoon outside of the box with us. We are now THREE weeks away from the CrossFit Open...this online CrossFit competition will take place over 5 weeks. Every Friday starting on February 22nd all classes will complete the Open WOD for that week. In addition we will host "Friday Night Lights" on those days where we encourage you all to participate in the workout or come back to help judge and cheer on your fellow athletes. Please vote on the large whiteboard for which time on those Friday evenings you prefe

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