Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/1/19 to 7/6/19

After the doozy of "fun week" we just had, we are now into week 1 of our next cycle. This cycle will take a slightly different approach, it will be 6 weeks as opposed to our typical 12 week cycle. Reason being, we want to fit two microcycles in (separated by another fun week) before the second CrossFit Open of 2019 this fall. The focus of the next 6 weeks will be as follows: backsquat strength, snatch skill breakdown, and overcoming mental limitations in regards to transitions/rest during workouts. The transitional work will include working with heavier weights (lower volume) in workouts to develop your confidence to pick up the bar faster! Monday: The week will kick off with a 5RM bac

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/24/19 to 6/29/19

Believe it or not the 4th of July is almost here!! We will have two classes on Thursday, July 4th. One at 8am and one at 9am. The workouts will be different each hour, so feel free to stay for one or both!! Fun week is finally here! Workouts are all based on submissions from our Chaka members!! Monday: Submitted by Lauren Donahoe, this WOD is named "TRIPP" after a FDNY Fire Marshal who lost his life this year after a military helicopter crash along the Iraq/Syria border. The workout was featured on @OUTWOD with the following comment...We lost our dear Tripp—firefighter, lawyer, pilot, warrior, coach, CrossFit enthusiast, activist, diver, singer, friend, hero. This WOD fulfills Kasia's

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/17/19 to 6/22/19

Our testing week is here!! We saw a lot of PR's last week with a single Power Clean, congrats to all for your hard work paying off. Now it's time to put those Power Clean PR's to work as we add a Hang Squat Clean and Front Squat to round out the complex. Don't forget next week is the "FUN WEEK" and we are still taking submissions for WODs from all of you! Monday: We will kick off the week with the retest of our strength complex and finish out with an AMRAP (same WOD we did on the initial testing day, April 1). Chaka Fit will also have a repeat of their Front Squat and Russian Kettlebell strength test. Tuesday: Both classes will take on "Fight Club" again where your reps will be tallied

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/10/19 to 6/15/19

Week 11 is here! Next week we will retest, and then it's on to a FUN WEEK! Don't forget to submit any ideas for our fun week that you would potentially like incorporated into the programming! Just email to submit your ideas! Monday: The week will kick off with some heavy single leg work in the CrossFit Class, that will simultaneously force you to work your core too. Bulgarian split squats are challenging but effective. Choose a front loaded weight today with either a barbell in the front rack or a ketllebell in the goblet position. The WOD is a series of EMOMs where you alternate :30 of work and rest, this interval training should be fast! Chaka Fit will work

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/3/19 to 6/8/19

Check out these awesome Chaka Pint Glasses, you can own yours today for only $5 apiece! See one of the Chaka Coaches to add this to your home today! We are only accepting cash or check for this item. Buy one for the whole family! Monday begins week 10 of our cycle! Last week we worked on heavy power cleans as we continued to break down the complex that we are testing. This week we will find our limit with hang squat cleans! Our accessory work will target the upper back with a new exercise, and HEAVY sled pushes for explosiveness. Monday: In the CrossFit class we will combine aerobic work with barbell cycling practice and pull-up volume to continue to prep for the "Fight Club" retest.

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