Clean up:  When you are finished working out, wipe down all of your blood, sweat and tears and check your area to make sure that everything is put away and that you have all of your personal belongings!

Cheer Others On:  If you are the first one to finish your workout you are the first one to cheer your classmates on, do not clean up until the last person finishes.

Equipment:  Be kind to the equipment, do not drop dumbbells, kettlebells, empty barbells, and loaded barbells with only 10's.  It's safer for everyone.

Be on time (early):  Your coaches spend a lot of time preparing for class and making the most out of your 60 minutes, don't be a disruption and most importantly do put yourself at risk for injury by missing the crucial warm-up period.  

Don’t cheat:  It's not becoming and it's not helping you or anyone around you.  If you lost count, start back at 1.  

Respect other members:  Be aware that what you are doing could impact another's workout.  Many people get 1 hour to themselves a day, don't spoil it by stealing their box mid-workout.  

Check ego at the door:  Heavy doesn't mean better, be mindful of your coach's advice.  Not every day is a PR day.

Greet new members:  We have all been there...walking into a new box and no one says hello.  Treat everyone like they are part of the Chaka Clan.

Chalk:  Use it in the bucket below the yellow line.

Class takes priority:  If you are utilizing open gym during a class, the class takes priority on space and equipment.  You may not intrude on class.

Check in:  It's impossible for us to determine when to increase class offerings if we do not know who is attending.

Family Friendly:  We welcome well behaved children to observe class, but they may not be on the workout floor or play on (any) equipment at any point whether there is class going on or not.  

Parking:  There is plenty of parking for everyone, please use the lined spaces only.

Neighbors:  Although it may seem we are out of the way, please be respectful of the neighbors particularly while you are out running and disposing of your trash appropriately.  

Open Gym:  There are designated Open Gym hours where you may have full use of the CrossFit equipment.  You may choose to do accessory work prior to or following class as long as you are in the designated area, but doing your own WOD alongside a class is disruptive and not acceptable.  



Memberships are paid in advance of service

New memberships will be billed on your start date, and then each month on the same date thereafter for those that are renewable each month.  

Acceptable payment types are ACH bank withdraw, credit card, cash or check.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that you must cancel your membership in writing before it renews for a subsequent month in order to avoid being charged for the next month’s membership fee. If you cancel your membership, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the then-current month membership period.

Refunds will not be provided for any membership. We do not provide credit, refunds, or prorated billing for memberships that are cancelled mid-month. In such circumstances, you will continue to have an active membership until the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Holds are available for active military personnel who are deployed and other leaves of absence greater than two weeks.

“Chaka Clan Plan” requires cohabitation.

Members eligible for discounted memberships must provide proof via email.  Military discount includes Active Military and Retired Military (20+ years) with Military ID.   Student discount applies to Full-Time students with copy of class schedule.  LEO requires copy of department ID.  Seniors (55+) require copy of Driver's License.  

New CrossFit members (less than 3 months CF experience) must sign up for the Chaka Basics Package or a coach evaluation during a Chaka Fit class.

Violation of any membership terms and conditions may result in termination of membership.

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