• Lauren Frankford

Barbell Wise Starts Monday!

The first Barbell Wise class will be on Monday at 7pm. I wanted to give you a little insight into what it is so you can venture into class prepared with what to expect! Class is offered on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm. Those two class slots will rotate through THREE different topics. The Snatch, The Clean and a night of Shoulder to Overhead. So, if you only come on Monday nights, you will be exposed to all three topics.

Class will be one hour long. It will include a general warm-up, a specific warm-up for the topic of the night, technique work geared toward improving your lifts, weighted progressions and potentially accessory work targeted at improving the topic of the night. The design of this class is to help break down the Olympic Lifting movements in more detail than time allows in class. The class is suitable for beginners and experienced lifters, movements will be scaled appropriately by weight to best help refine technique.

The detailed programming will not be posted at this time, only the topic of the night. You can still log your lifts via the app under “Percentages”. A “Snatch” night could consist of different hang positions, pauses, overhead squats, snatch balances, snatch grip deadlifts, behind the neck jerks, among other things. A “Clean” night could consist of different hang positions, pauses, tall cleans, front squats (all variations), clean deadlifts, clean pulls, etc. The “Shoulder to Overhead” night may consist of strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, overhead carries, core work and more.

With that being said, this Monday will be a Snatch Day!!


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