• Lauren Frankford

2018 CrossFit Open @ Chaka CrossFit

It’s hard to believe that next week is the start of the CrossFit Open! With all of the excitement of the opening of Chaka CrossFit, it snuck right up on us. I wanted to communicate the game plan for programming over the next 6 weeks (through the end of the Open) so we are all on the same page!

Starting next Friday night (February 23), we will host a 6pm CrossFit Open Class for the 5 weeks of the Open. Warm-up will start at 6pm, and judged heats will begin by 6:30pm. You do NOT have to be registered for the Open to participate at 6pm. It’s for everyone! If you miss Friday night, you can use any open gym time to make up the workout!

Not everyone will participate in the Open, so although you have heard us discuss “Open Standards” and practice typical Open workout skills since February 1, we are not committing our entire programming to tapering for each week’s Open workout, largely because the timing of our opening did not allow us the opportunity to prepare you all for the Open season. If you plan to participate and have performance goals outlined, I recommend that you rest appropriately during the week, or scale workouts appropriately. We fully support those who are registered and will work with you to make sure your performance is judged to the appropriate standards and that we validate your scores in a timely manner. The programming for the remainder of the classes on those 5 Fridays will be subject to Dave Castro’s workout announcement on Thursday night. If the workout lends itself well to a class setting that will help reinforce our programming focus then we may choose to use it all day. If it is a bottleneck WOD that will limit the workout time (even if scaled) for our athletes, then we may opt to use our own programming for the day. So either way, you won’t be aware of Friday’s class WOD until after Castro’s announcement Thursday night.

With that being said we will continue to focus on rebuilding strength by starting in the medium rep ranges (typically Monday or Tuesday), as well as accessory strength to ensure that we are staying healthy and doing all we can to support our strength gains. Aerobic Conditioning will pair well with that, so think repeatable work in a variety of time domains. You may notice the addition of TWO more Rogue Echo Bikes to help develop our engines! Within that structure we can still work on gymnastics skills and barbell cycling. Don’t miss the opportunity to go in depth with your Olympic Lifting at the Barbell Wise class on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Want to learn more about the CrossFit Open? Check out this video:


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