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Is it time for a Kitchen Reboot?

Whether your goal is to lose fat, get ready for beach season or improve your performance at the box, Chaka's Kitchen Reboot program may be what you are looking for.

Getting into the gym is definitely a great start, but the combination of eating the proper amount and type of food, sleeping, hydrating, and logging your low intensity steady state cardio is the complete formula you need to achieve your body composition and performance goals.

Lauren and Dee have spent the past year learning and experimenting with performance nutrition. Dee is a certified Eat to Perform coach and Lauren just earned her Opex Certification, both of which have prepared them to personalize individual's caloric intake to boost metabolism and see the results they want.

The Kitchen Reboot program includes a 1 hour initial assessment, a macronutrient breakdown based on the individual's stats, and 3 months of "coaching" as you proceed on your journey.

Still unsure about whether this program is what you need? Read what Paul Bruno has to say below, he's currently in the middle of his Kitchen Reboot.

Week 1 - January 8, 2018

5’ 3”

178.2 lbs.

My weight is something that I have constantly managed since college. Up and down… Up and down. At my lowest… 155lbs (roughly 4 years ago) – at my highest – you’re seeing it above.

I needed a change and more importantly – a lifestyle change… and for that I turned to Lauren and Dee.

So in early January (the 5th to be exact), Lauren paid a visit to my house and sat down with me for a solid hour. We’re going to make this pretty simple she said… buy a Fitbit (as if I’m made of money here) … and we’re setting you up on the Macro Diet.

A plan was set-up, based off of my height and weight, to track my Calories, Carbs, Protein, and Fat intake. My numbers were sent to me on a Google Doc to track my Macros and begin this journey.

Personally – I thought this would be easy. I already had a food scale, and I eat “healthy” … so what gives? Why is this going to be different this time?

Well I’ll tell you… 2 days in – I burned up all my fat by lunch and still needed to eat 80-90 grams of protein. I met with Dee and Lauren at my work and when I told them where I was at so far for that day..… Dee looked at me and said… “Do you like Tuna and Mustard?” (I ate 8ozs of Tuna with mustard that night).

Clearly, I needed to have a better game plan going forward. I started tracking Macros on my phone using the MyFitnessPal app and was able to input my exact Macros needed for each day. I started to plan my entire day of eating the night before. I knew exactly what I needed, and honestly, did not want to eat 8ozs of Tuna ever again (in one sitting).

Sure, it took a little getting used to, but by Week 3 – I had all of my Macros covered within single a digit range. Then the results started showing. The comments from family and friends started coming. The motivation only grew from there, along with the constant “check-ins” from Lauren and Dee.

As I am approaching the end of Week 7, my workouts have improved significantly, my lifestyle has made a turn for the better, and I am able to wear clothes that didn’t fit 6 months ago… all while eating VERY comfortably and not depriving myself of what I want.

So if you are looking for that “change” or tired of the same “diet” ideas… these ladies should be your first option. They will hold you accountable, but more importantly, you will start holding yourself accountable… and the results will follow!

Week 7 – February 23, 2018

Still… 5’ 3”


- 9.6 lbs. overall

- 3.5” in my waist

- 1” in my hips

- 1” in my neck


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