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Chaka Weekly Programming - 3/26/18 to 3/31/18

Well, the 2018 Open Season is finally over and it’s time to focus on our weaknesses and to achieve the personal goals we have set for this year.

As you know, we tested our Front Squat this week in preparation for a Front Squat cycle that will begin next Monday (4/2). Every Monday we will be performing Front Squats based off a percentage of our max. If you didn’t test it yet, you still have time! The Front Squats will be available for ALL classes on Mondays. To accompany that, there will be light back squats also programmed for post-class on Saturdays. Accessory work to focus on unilateral (single leg) loading will also provide variety to your leg strengthening.

One of the reasons for the Front Squat cycle is due to a box-wide imbalance of Power Clean to Squat Clean. As evidenced in 18.2A, the vast majority of members opted for a power clean over a squat clean when performing their max lift. This should not be the case. Some of this is attributed to lack of front squat strength (most times core related) and/or lack of squat clean technique. In order to address this, we will also be focusing on the squat clean in class. Tuesday, March 27 we will do a 1RM Squat Clean so that you can get an accurate gauge of your max (not immediately following squats and burpees). We will use different positions and complexes to rehearse technique and get you comfortable pulling yourself under the bar. In addition, you will see exercises to focus on that explosive hip extension needed for Olympic Lifting.

Also beginning on April 2nd you will see the beginning of our core strengthening series. It will be programmed on Mondays for the post-WOD, but we also ask that you do it a second day on your own. If you miss Monday’s class you can check out our YouTube channel to see the description and scales for the movements!

Monday, March 26, will be the pre-test for our Aerobic Energy System training. You will see this workout two more times in the next 10 weeks to gauge your progress. The goal is to perform the workout faster each time, while still maintaining even “splits” for each round. You will see a switch to “training” that energy system in class two or more times a week by using longer intervals to start and then progressing to shorter, faster intervals as the weeks go on. The goal is always the same, learn to keep a consistent pace. Your coaches will be advising you on how to best scale the workouts to receive the proper stimulus. This may often mean not going “RX” even when you think its manageable. These workouts are meant for training your engine, not improving your strength.

Wednesdays are going to be WACKY! We will explore a series of progressions for the gymnastics skills that you desired to improve upon. No two weeks will be the same, we encourage you to take the progressions that you learn in class and use them during Open Gym to focus on your particular weaknesses. Varied levels of skill work will be available to meet everyone’s needs.

Thursdays will feature some post-WOD mobility and stability exercises to help you reach the best positions possible when you are moving with or without weight.

We are really excited to dig in and start training you to fulfill your potential. If you have any questions about what is coming in the next few months, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to understand our vision for your progress so that you can fully commit to see improvement!

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