• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/2/18 to 4/7/18

Week 2 of 10 in our cycle with focuses on Front Squat Strength, Squat Clean Technique, Core Strength and Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP). Don't forget to download the TRIIB app to see the workouts on your phone!

Monday will be the day for front squats each week, available in ALL classes. This week is also the introduction of our core strengthening series. Check out our YouTube video to review the movements so that you can do them on your own if you miss class! We also ask that you complete these a second day on your own during the week.

Tuesday our workout is the start of the progression towards improved Aerobic Power, both classes will see a grinder!

Wednesday is wacky again! We will also hit the first of our technique focus squat clean complexes in the CrossFit classes.

Thursday you should choose your approach based on how you feel. Keep it light and easy and use it as a recovery day, or go heavier and pick up the pace if you missed some days earlier in the week!

Friday's Partner WOD will make you keep pushing to hit the second day of Aerobic Power training this week.

Saturday you can choose from a long chipper in the ChakaFit Class or a barbell focus in the CrossFit Class. After class hit some easy back squats to supplement our Front Squat work.

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