• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/9/18 to 4/14/18

This is now week 3/10 in our cycle that includes Front Squat Strength, Squat Clean Technique (and strength), core work, and AEROBIC CAPACITY TRAINING!!!

Monday: Once again you will see the Front Squats here available in all classes. You will finish up class with Core Week 2. Remember to get the core work in a second time during the week on your own (or with friends!)

Tuesday: Squat Cleans are up again, this time working on that first pull from the ground and then exploding remembering to be fast under the bar. You will also see our Aerobic Energy System training, do your best to keep moving throughout the workouts—NO REST! This is the case for both classes.

Wednesday: It’s wacky yet again, curious what an ice cream maker is? Guess you will have to come to class to see! CrossFitters you have the option to choose from either wacky EMOM. Some accessory work is hidden in the WOD and a chance to continue to practice some skills (DU and T2B) under fatigue in the CrossFit workout.

Thursday: You will find some extra mobility/stability work in the CrossFit Class and be able to round out your training with some movements we haven’t hit this week (and of course more core in the CrossFit class).

Friday: Aerobic Energy System Training, notice the shorter intervals, with the goal being to complete an equal amount of work each AMRAP!!! Intensity should increase a bit versus a longer 30 minute AMRAP since you have rest built in!

Saturday: Well that’s just plain fun…a team WOD in ChakaFit and SNATCHES in CrossFit!!!

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