• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/16/18 to 4/21/18

We are in week 4 of 10 of our cycle that includes Front Squat 1RM, Squat Clean, core strength and Aerobic Capacity.

Monday: Once again you will see the Front Squats here available in all classes. You will finish up class with Core Week 3. Remember to get the core work in a second time during the week on your own (or with friends!). Don't forget to watch our video!

Tuesday: Our working time frame for our Aerobic Capacity has gotten smaller this week, you saw 5 minute increments on Friday, now we are in faster 3 minute AMRAPs. Be sure to push for the entire 3 minutes and attempt to keep all efforts equal.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday you will see another core variation and pulling strength. Working negatives in gymnastics movements is the best way to develop strength. Work outside of your comfort zone and try to push with one of the more difficult progressions. Want a muscle-up in 2018? Try a muscle-up negative variation! Squat Clean complex today will help work that hip extension before performing the full movement. Close out class with pushing yourself to an unbroken set of 50 wallballs! Who can avoid the double unders?? In ChakaFit you will get a shot at continuing to work on pacing with a longer workout, can you keep all of your rounds equal?

Thursday: Learn some new mobility exercises, see how box jump variations can help with being explosive in your olympic lifts and get after it with a partner WOD!

Friday: Keep in mind the total working time today is 30 minutes. Do not go out in the first 10 minutes attempting to crush it and then finish the second two AMRAPs at a crawl.

Saturday: It's been awhile since we've done a long chipper, today is your chance! A mixture of barbell and gymnastics in the CrossFit Class will have you working for the long haul. ChakaFit gives you a chance to test out a Hero WOD in preparation for our 12 WODs in 12 Hours! This one is a partner WOD, remember for the 12 Hour/12 WODs event you can work with a partner the whole time to help you survive the entire day!

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