• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/23/18-4/28/18

Week 5 of 10 for our cycle on Front Squat strength, Squat Clean focus, Aerobic Conditioning and CORE! This week will bring a mid-cycle re-test!

Monday: Front Squats again are the priority on Monday, available in all classes. The CrossFit WOD will have a strict strength focus, and you will finish with week 4 of the core series!! Don't forget to hit the core a second time during the week!

Tuesday: AEROBIC CAPACITY RETEST! We have record of all of the initial results so we can compare your progress from the initial test. If you weren't in for the initial test this will still give you an opportunity to complete the workout before our final test.

Wednesday: The wackiness continues with some more lat work and the best way to develop gymnastics strength, NEGATIVES. Squat Clean technique shows up in the EMOM, focus on a fast pull under the bar!

Thursday: This is a great chance to learn some new mobility exercises, and experiment with some accessory work. The ChakaFit Class will teach rope climbs, if that is a goal of yours you don't want to miss this class--remember to wear pants or long socks!

Friday: The strength focus of Clean Deadlifts will directly translate to our squat clean emphasis during this cycle. The Partner WOD is another one designed to train that Aerobic Energy System. Be sure to choose a weight for the thrusters that you can go UNBROKEN with! Push hard on the bike so you and your partner can accumulate the most reps for the day!

Saturday: A fun ChakaFit WOD will have you working in teams of 3 with a strongman type feel. Work together to push hard and be the fittest team at Chaka on Saturday! The CrossFit Class will give you an opportunity to test out a few of the online CrossFit Games Age Group Qualifier WODs. Many of you will have to scale the workout weight, make sure to challenge yourself with the lifts by not going too light!

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