• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming - 4/30/18 to 5/5/18

We are at week 6 of 10 now in our cycle that includes Front Squat strength, Squat Clean technique focus, core strength and Aerobic Capacity. Last week we did a mid-way retest of our Aerobic Capacity and 25/27 people that retested improved! Your hard work is paying off!

Monday: Front Squats are here again, available in all classes. You will also see the next week in our core series! Make sure to watch the video and do it a second time during the week!

Tuesday: Remember in our Aerobic Conditioning that the PACER is KING/QUEEN. We want to see your effort be repeatable where your performance is not dropping off. Keep that in mind today in both classes.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday has exposed you to some new gymnastics progressions, today you will get a chance to work on T2B technique or endurance depending on where you are on the T2B continuum, your coach will help you decide!!

Thursday: Most people don't love Turkish Get-ups but they can be such a valuable tool for core, single leg and overhead strength. Doing them in high volume today will be challenging if you go heavy--remember to keep your eye on the Kettlebell!

Friday: Our shortest interval to date to work on Aerobic Conditioning. Equal work to rest means push HARD!

Saturday: ChakaFit is a unique team WOD where the decisions are left up to you! Follow the guidelines to complete 1776 reps with your teammates! The CrossFit Class gets to test out a Hero WOD

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