• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming - 5/5/18 to 5/12/18

We are now in week 7 of 10 of our cycle that includes Front Squat strength, Squat Clean technique/strength, core strength and Aerobic Capacity. How fitting that we are working on Aerobic Capacity as we approach the 12 Hour/12 WOD event. Haven't signed up? It's not too late, click HERE. This week you will also see a new face among the coaching ranks at Chaka, Matt Lebo. If you didn't meet Matt in March, you will be sure to meet him soon--give him a big Chaka welcome!

Monday: Of course it wouldn't be a Monday without front squats and core. This week we stay at the same weight as last week but for sets of 2. We have brought some equipment into the mix this week for our core strengthening, be sure to check out the video below prior to class!

Tuesday: The aerobic conditioning intervals are shorter and faster yet today. In both classes you are looking at equal work to rest, so be sure to push hard since you have the built in recovery in the WOD.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday continues with some handstand walking attempts for those who are brave enough! We will also see who can get up the rope without their legs today!

Thursday: The mobility series continues, these are great tools to learn to do on your own at home! A grinder of a WOD today for those of you that aren't quite ready for a rest day!

Friday: The squat clean complex will prove to be a challenge on your grip, attempt to go slightly heavier than last Friday! The WOD today will require you to push yourself mentally, with a short interval to work you cannot afford to pause until your :30 is up...can you replicate your performance each round?

Saturday: Jack and Jackie are on the menu for today, enjoy a fun post-WOD with your fellow ChakaFitters after the 8am class, and in the 9am class you will be tested with a time cap on all three workouts.

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