• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming - 5/14/18 to 5/19/18

We are now in week 8 of 10 in our cycle including Front Squat 1RM, Squat Clean technique (Friday's cleans looked solid!), core strength (lots of progress with handstands due to this!), and aerobic capacity. NEXT MONDAY (5/21) is our Front Squat Retest!

Monday: The last of the heavy front squats are today before we retest next week. The video for Core Week 7 is below, be sure to watch and remember to repeat it a second time this week!

Tuesday: The goal here in both classes is to complete both WODs at the same pace. Don't sandbag round 1 just to keep your scores similar, but can you push just below the redline, rest and then repeat that effort again?! Today will prove to be both a mental and physical test.

Wednesday: Squat Cleans are back for the last of the heavy singles before we retest on June 1. We will do finishing touches on technique next week in a deload day prior to our retest.

Thursday: More focus on mobility and activation, especially for the shoulders as we prep to do some Split Jerks. Grab a partner to tackle a long bike ride for the WOD! Or choose ChakaFit and master the use of the Sandbag for a great workout!

Friday: 3 minute intervals will get your heart rate pumping, nearly equal work to rest should allow you to keep pushing each AMRAP. Again, the pacer is King/Queen can you maintain the same pace throughout all of your segments.

Saturday: Never done the Filthy Fifty? Today is your chance! Come to ChakaFit and tackle one of CrossFit's most famous chippers. A Hero WOD in CrossFit will put you in the mindset to prepare for May 26th's 12 Hours/12 Hero WOD event!!!

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