• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming - 5/29/18 to 6/2/18

Congratulations to everyone who tackled any of the Hero WODs this weekend, a great way to come together as a community and honor our fallen heroes.

We are in week 10 of our cycle which will spill into next week to complete. Next week will also include some pretesting as we move into a "fun" week and then refocus for the rest of the summer. More info to come on our next plan of attack!

Monday: "MURPH" or Rest Day for some of you that completed all 12 Hero WODs

Tuesday: Continuing with the Aerobic Capacity training, we tried to take it easy on your grip to allow you to still move through the workouts without cringing!

Wednesday: A re-test of our gymnastics skills from the beginning of the cycle, plus the 9th edition of our core strengthening series.

Thursday: Another opportunity to focus on some mobility in the CrossFit Class, and an EMOM of some important accessory work. ChakaFit will definitely have you breaking a good sweat with a longer aerobic workout.

Friday: 1RM Squat Clean re-test!! If you are unable to make it in on Friday feel free to make it up another day this week. Finally back on the rig after our few day hiatus to recover from "Murph", can you match your times each of the rounds?

Saturday: One of the Hero WODs that narrowly missed the cut for the weekend is in the ChakaFit Class, come grind away and complete "Morrison". Or come to the CrossFit Class and test your limits with a heavy snatch WOD that appeared in Regionals, no time cap for you guys though!


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