• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/4/18 to 6/9/18

We are finally arriving at the end of our cycle, the final piece is the retest of the Aerobic Capacity Test. We will spend the remainder of the week doing some pre-testing in preparation for the rest of the summer. The week of June 11th we will reset our focus with an interim week between cycles. June 18th we will pick back up with a fresh new look at continuing to fulfill our potential. You will see a shift to overhead pressing strength balanced with pulling strength in a variety of movements and rep schemes. Our goal for you is to also become more efficient at your gymnastics movements in order to advance yourself to the next level so you will see some new drills and skills brought to class for all ability levels. Power Snatch and Overhead Squat will show up more frequently now as well in hopes to refine technique and become more confident. As always we will lay out what the week will look like and help you in class to find the right cues for continued development.

Monday: This may be your 1st, 2nd or 3rd time completing this workout, the results have been tracked and it's your FINAL time seeing this so go all out and attempt to crush your previous time!

Tuesday: The shoulder to overhead pre-test will give us a baseline for percentages for the next 12 weeks. The CrossFit Class will give you a mental test to hang onto the barbell, the weight is light enough to find a rhythm and go for big sets. ChakaFit will prove to be equally as challenging where it's up to you to push hard to finish every minute to maximize your score.

Wednesday: Another pre-test and baseline of pulling strength in both classes, opting to do more than one workout tonight? You can choose to sub a weighted push-up or dip to replace the strength in your second class. The benchmark WOD "Nancy" will also serve as a good guideline of where you are with your OHS and also your Aerobic Conditioning. Expect to see this come back sometime early in the fall to retest.

Thursday: Mobility is back again on Thursday, tight hamstrings can lead to a host of problems so we will focus there today. Both classes offer tough workouts, come check them out!

Friday: The final pre-test of the week will be the 1RM Power Snatch. After that attack some high skill gymnastics movements under fatigue. A great way to close out the work week.

Saturday: ChakaFit's partner WOD will allow you the chance to workout with a fellow Chaka member and strategize as to how you want to break up the reps. CrossFit will give you a challenge similar to the Regionals athletes, weight is slightly lighter but the rest remains the same. Enjoy tackling this chipper.


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