• Matt Lebo

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/11/18 to 6/16/18

"Guys Night" was a success last night! Ladies, it's your turn next week. Saturday, June 16 @ 6pm is "Ladies Night", come ready to workout, BYOB and we will supply pizzas!

After completing our most recent cycle last week, we are now taking time to reset and prepare for our next cycle that focusses on both overhead pressing and pulling in a variety of ways. This week of June 11th will feature some strength pieces that we may not have seen in a while, as well as some fun gymnastic and aerobic portions to keep our skills sharp! Enjoy the mix of WODs this week as we prep to dive head first into our next cycle! Monday: Everyone’s favorite movement is back! The clean! But this time, no squats allowed! The CrossFit Class will build up to find a 1 rep max power clean. Chakafit will hop on the Gainz Train with some bench press for strength, followed by an aerobically challenging test to finish! Tuesday: Both CrossFit and ChakaFit will feature a few rounds of short, but challenging workouts, with even shorter rest. Can you hit the same score every round? Come in and find out! Wednesday: After Tuesday’s short tests, it’s time to work on our pacing in a longer aerobic workout. You’ll see how well you can perform some skill movements under fatigue. Thursday: Time to get Gymnasty! Come in and fine tune some gymnastic skills as we work on getting upside down and building that single leg stability. We’ll finish with some work with odd objects like sandbags and tires! Friday: After some heavy deadlifts for our strength, grab a buddy for Friday’s Partner WOD! Your teamwork will be tested as you compete to complete two WODs under the time cap! Good luck! Saturday: It takes two to Tango, and it will take two to conquer this Saturday’s CrossFit WOD! It looks daunting on paper, but with the help of a teammate, you’ll be ready. Then it’s time for Masters Revenge! Youngsters beware!

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