• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/18/18 to 6/23/18

A successful "Ladies Night" is in the books! Thanks to all the ladies who came to workout and hang out!

We are back at it with another cycle starting on Monday! This one will take us through to the end of the summer. You will see two strength focuses: overhead pressing and pulling. There will be variety with the overhead pressing in both style of press and design of the rep schemes. All of the strength days will be based off of the push press max that we did two weeks ago. The pulling will be presented in conjunction with skill progressions to help develop and refine our gymnastics skills (i.e. pull-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, ring and bar muscle-ups). Each week during the pulling segment there will be multiple options to choose from so that we can best serve all of our athletes.

We will switch from the squat clean to the power snatch for Olympic Lifting technique development, the snatch will be broken down differently each week to allow you to focus on all of the moving parts individually.

In addition we will continue to focus on the aerobic conditioning piece (always remember pacing is key), but the spin is that we will now incorporate more of the barbell during these workouts. Do not choose a weight that will limit your ability to move the bar, scale accordingly or ask your coach for help!

We are not abandoning our core focus, just taking the movements you already learned in our 10 week core series, bringing them back in an EMOM format and keeping them in class. Don't be afraid to still get this in a second day of the week!

As always we will keep you up to date on the intent of each day and will post the workouts a week in advance. The difference between this cycle and last is that you will see the different topics we discussed above pop up on different days of the week, CrossFit is constantly varied :)

Monday: Now that we are out of the front squat cycle we have much more freedom to add squatting into workouts! This will help develop more muscular endurance as opposed to strength with our squats. I snuck in an overhead squat as well as a great accessory piece to helping with that power snatch focus! The ChakaFit Class will give you a bit more variety in movements, but no doubt get your heart rate up for the long haul.

Tuesday: Both classes have strength + WOD + core, the 5pm ChakaFit Class can interchange the strength and WOD as desired. This is your snatch day. Practice from three different hang positions will help you perfect that bar path and patience on the pull.

Wednesday: The pressing strength for the week is a strict press waveload, you will climb heavy, reduce the weight and climb again. The CrossFit WOD will test your gymnastics skills, a variety of options are available so choose what suits you best! The ChakaFit EMOM will be a great test, don't be deceived by the "rest" you assume you will get!

Thursday: Built in rest in both of the classes today, that means PUSH HARD when it's time to work. But of course, try to make your efforts repeatable!

Friday: The first of the pulling segments is today! Starting with some basics we will build a foundation of more difficult movements each week. WOD will have you on the move as you have to change your own weights to keep going!

Saturday: Two great classes today, test your grit on "Linda" in the CrossFit Class, and team up for a waterfall WOD in ChakaFit!

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