• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/25/18 to 6/30/18

Don't forget our 4 on the 4th event is right around the corner--mark your calendar!! Hero WODs from 8am-12pm on July 4th with a BBQ to follow. Check out the event page HERE.

Here we go, week 2 in our cycle...overhead pressing and pulling strength, power snatch technique, aerobic conditioning with more barbell focus and continuing to strengthen our core!

Monday: We are kicking off the week with our snatch work while you are fresh. Focus on each position! After the pause be sure to scoop that bar into your hips--don't let it drift out in front of you! Finish out class with our core strength for the week! Both Monday and Tuesday's evening classes can choose their strength from either class.

Tuesday: Headed back to the push press today for our overhead pressing strength, look to climb each set until you get to the last set of 3, drop some weight and go heavier than the first set of 3! The WOD will test that core strength! Make it your goal to not drop the bar on the front squats!!

Wednesday: Pulling Cycle Day 2 is here, and we will always offer a variety of progressions to suit everyone's abilities. Your aim in the WOD is to go ALL OUT on the bike, that's what will determine your score today!

Thursday: The WOD is a long aerobic effort that has some built in recovery movements to allow you to keep a steady pace throughout the entire workout.

Friday: Partner WOD!! A bit of a different variation today where you are alternating your work on an AMRAP by switching every 90 seconds. Go hard because you have rest while your partner is working! No partner? No problem. Just alternate work and rest for 90 seconds!

Saturday: Today's test in ChakaFit is ONLY against yourself. Can you keep your performances consistent with pacing and finish strong at the end? CrossFit will keep you moving with a lot of variety in the movements, a fun one for a Saturday AM!

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