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Chaka CrossFit Weekly Programming: 7/9/18 to 7/14/18

Like many things in life, in order to see any progress you have made you need to regularly evaluate yourself. CrossFit is no different. Sometimes those evaluations come in the form of regulated tests (i.e. our Aerobic Conditioning Test) and some are less formal but still help to recognize progress. The 4 on the 4th event became an unintended test of our progress. So many of you braved the 4 hour line-up of Hero WODs (and you were no slouch if you did 2 or 3!), and not only made it through but didn't feel too worse for the wear the next day. Some of you didn't even need a rest day on Thursday! That's a testament to the hard work that you have been putting in by getting to the box consistently, we are proud of how tough our Chaka Clan is!

Week 4 of our current cycle is upon us...aerobic energy system training, power snatch skill, gymnastics pulling strength, and overhead pressing strength is still in the forefront. This week we have a treat for you since we are so shoulder intense, a Mobility Clinic on Sunday at 10am with a focus on the shoulder!! You don't want to miss it.

Monday: Starting off the week while we are fresh with our overhead pressing, this week we will hit a combo of strict press and push press. The core strength that we have been doing will help you focus on a safe position for your spine with the weight overhead. We will balance out the pressing strength with pulling in the workout, what will your strategy be for your pull-ups?

Tuesday: Hitting up that aerobic energy system again today. Steady work during the 10 minute intervals with a small window of time to rest and recover. The CrossFit WOD will control your timeframe, the ChakaFit WOD will force you to push to try to maintain even splits--both have the same stimulus but just with a different approach.

Wednesday: Snatch Day! A variety of positions for the power snatch today, starting with a focus on your hip extension with the hang snatch, then moving into a focus on the scoop by starting just below the knee and putting it all together in the last 4 minutes with a regular power snatch. You will finish out class hitting that all important core EMOM for the week.

Thursday: The CrossFit Class will give you a chance to work alone and with your classmates during your "rest" periods. A fun WOD with a variety of movements will help keep you motivated to push hard for the long haul.

Friday: The 4th edition of the pulling cycle is back, you will see that the movements continue to become more advanced but we still will offer something challenging for all levels in class. Two EMOMs are in for the WODs, the goal is to push to finish the work as fast as possible. Can you maintain the same time each minute?

Saturday: ChakaFit is a nice long WOD with a moderate volume of reps so you will be able to just keep plugging away, the CrossFit Class features a strength (backsquat) and a Partner WOD. Looks like Saturday will be a tough choice of which class to take!

Sunday: Running Crew will head out at 9:30am in order to be back in time for the 10am Mobility Clinic. Remember the focus this week is shoulder mobility and stability, Megan Manner, PT, DPT, from Select Medical will be on hand to take us through that. We will still have regular open gym hours from 10am-12pm.

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