• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/16/18 to 7/21/18

We are at week 5/12 of our cycle. Things are getting a bit tougher in regards to percentages of your snatch and overhead press and the progressions for the pulling cycle, keep working hard it will pay off in the end!

Monday: We are opening our week with the snatch, putting together all of the breakdowns from the past few weeks with power snatch doubles. The WOD has a time cap so you will have to move to get all of the work done! We will finish out class with this week's core strength, we are bringing back the dragon flag but with a fun way to scale it to make it manageable for all!

Tuesday: Week 5 of the pulling comes up today, we will expose you to another variation of the muscle-up negative, this week from the bar. Negatives are the best way to develop strength for your gymnastics movements, even if a muscle-up is not in the near future for you, the dip negative is very valuable! A bit of a grinder of a WOD will get you sweating for sure, a great mix of strength, gymnastics and monostructural movements!

Wednesday: Today combines aerobic training and double under practice. Work through the movements as fast as you can to leave as much of the 5 minute window to collect as many double unders as possible! ChakaFit will have a similar time frame but you will determine your rest by how fast you work!

Thursday: You can choose from a series of EMOMs in the CrossFit Class or a long dumbbell WOD that will have you moving back and forth across the box in ChakaFit. You can push hard or use it as a recovery day, your choice!

Friday: The shoulder to overhead is here today and it's a unique variation of a behind the neck snatch grip jerk. This will put your hands wider which will decrease the distance you have to move the bar and create a straight bar path by not having to go out around your face. You will be able to work up to a heavier weight because of this, helping to improve your overhead stability by exposing you to heavier weights. The WOD will give you a chance to practice some muscle-ups...try a progression during the WOD (banded bmu, banded rmu transitions, jumping)!

Saturday: In ChakaFit you will have 5 rounds to test yourself on pacing, can you complete each round in the same time? The only twist is you will complete the movements in a different order each round! In CrossFit, grab a partner and take turns doing as many FULL snatches as possible, but only after you complete your T2B and wallballs!

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