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Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/23/18 to 7/28/18

This Saturday, July 28th is movie night!! Bring your own beverage and chair to enjoy Karate Kid on the big screen! Chaka will provide the popcorn! Doors open at 7:00pm, we will start the movie around 8pm, spouses and kids are welcome!

We are halfway through this cycle at week 6 of 12! Next week we will put into practice all of the pulling work we have been doing...so be prepared to make some attempts at muscle-ups and pull-ups!

Monday: We are hitting the aerobic training today, in CrossFit you will need to push yourself during each of the intervals to max out on reps. Remember, the key is consistent pacing! ChakaFit will have you completing work as fast as you can and then being rewarded with rest. Either way, the intervals are similar just a different approach to training the aerobic energy system.

Tuesday: This week's snatch related strength is two accessory exercises to help with confidence and stability under the bar. Work on speed with the Snatch Balance and develop strength with the Overhead Squat. Use the Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Split Jerk from Friday's class to get the bar overhead! In the workout you will have the chance to practice your power snatch, don't go heavier than the prescribed percentage. You will end the day with this week's core strength! ChakaFit offers some great accessory work today for hip extension, which is the key to so many movements. Come test out some new exercises!

Wednesday: This week's overhead pressing strength comes in a form of a strict press. Being seated in the Z-Press will forbid you from using any lower body and force you to engage your core more for stability. A fun tabata will be the WOD, a mix of monostructural, gymnastics and weightlifting will give you a good balance of training. Never done a full tabata? You are in for a treat!

Thursday: The dip is an essential skill for muscle-ups. We will take some time to break down the movement and allow you to practice different variations of dips! Both WODs are grinders today, come in and put the work in until you complete it all! Don't forget at 6pm tonight the Running Crew will gather and at 7pm tonight Chaka offers a Yoga Class ($5 for members).

Friday: The next installment of the pulling cycle will bring you a tough pulling complex and a great progression to help with all pulling skills--bar muscle-ups, c2b pull-ups, or kipping pull-ups! Give your arms a break after all of that pulling and hit the leg heavy WOD!

Saturday: Choose from a 3 part WOD in ChakaFit or the Hero WOD "The Lyon" in the CrossFit Class!

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