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Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/30/18 to 8/4/18

The summer is flying by, we are already at week 7 of our cycle! Reminder that Sunday (8/5/18) is the next installment of our Mobility Clinic. This week Megan will be covering hips and hamstrings. Don't miss out on all of the valuable range of motion and activation techniques she will be teaching us!

Monday: Snatch Day! We will be covering the Muscle Snatch today, to help improve the strength of the pull and turnover at the top and to reinforce the bar trajectory (keep it close!). A fast Kettlebell WOD in CrossFit will be followed by our weekly core strength where we get to use one of our new toys!! The ChakaFit WOD gives you some unique options on how you would like to approach the same amount of work, choose your own adventure!

Tuesday: Today is the day we put some attempts together in our pulling cycle! Whether that is pull-ups, C2B or muscle-ups you will have the chance to test your progress. Maybe that means use a band, maybe that means string some pull-ups together, you will have the freedom to do as you choose! CrossFit WOD will test you through 3 rounds of a medium weight power clean and higher rep scheme of T2B after being fatigued by burpees. ChakaFit, just keep moving for 15 minutes...you will be challenged to do as many dumbbell snatches as possible!

Wednesday: A rare mid-week Hero WOD on Wednesday in the CrossFit Class, experience "Choe" which is a 35 minute AMRAP. ChakaFit will keep you working for the long haul as well, but the movements will change as you complete the work to keep you pushing until you finish. Think AEROBIC TRAINING today...don't stop!

Thursday: In the CrossFit Class you will explore some variations of the single leg deadlift, test your balance and work unilaterally to help develop both sides of your body! The CrossFit WOD is a great one for recovery, with a carry in the middle it will keep your heart rate regulated and allow you to keep moving without stopping. The ChakaFit Class will have three segments of 8 minutes of work, push hard to see how much you can do in that time!

Friday: The shoulder to overhead strength of the week is here and we are back to the push press. For the workout you will have 5 windows of 4 minutes to complete the work, but the volume of the work increases each segment. The faster you work, the more rest you get!

Saturday: In ChakaFit you will get an EMOM style WOD where every 2 minutes you will have an amount of work to finish, you will work through 3 different stations over the course of 30 minutes. In CrossFit you will work with a partner and alternate rounds of work in two fourteen minute workouts!

Sunday: 10am Mobility Clinic...the Running Crew will take off at 9:30am so that they can be back in time for the clinic!

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