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Chaka Weekly Programming: 8/6/18 to 8/11/18

Come join the Chaka Clan for some hang time before the summer ends. Families are welcome! Chaka will grill up some burgers and dogs for you, bring a side to share! Enjoy some Corn Hole, Kan Jam, life-size Jenga and more! Please RSVP by Thursday, August 9th so we know how many people to expect!

Monday: We will kick the week off with the 8th installment of the pulling cycle. We are back to working some different progressions after a great test week! Both classes will have you pushing hard for 16 minutes in the workout, no room for rest, just keep moving!!

Tuesday: The CrossFit Class will require you to partner up and PUSH HARD for a short duration and then rest briefly while your partner works. The goal is to do as much work as you can in each 8 minute segment, but your intensity should be high since you get to share that work with your partner! ChakaFit will get the first taste of the new battle ropes!! Move through 8 different stations in this circuit style WOD, the :30 of rest each minute will be sure to fly by if you push hard when you are working!

Wednesday: The overhead strength day will also test your core strength by requiring you to hold the barbell in the front rack position between reps. A great test of the core work you have been doing each week! In CrossFit you will see a combo of challenging movements, a great day to hone those skills! The ChakaFit strength is a grip challenger, try to hang on to the kettlebells for the entire round! The ChakaFit WOD is a play on "Cindy" with wallballs, how many rounds can you get in during the 20 minutes??

Thursday: Getting close to mastering the pistol? Get in today and get some practice so you are ready the next time they come up in a workout! The CrossFit WOD will be a great test of strength with a challenging front squat mixed in. ChakaFit will start with a bench press and then finish with a grinder of a WOD. Reminder, the Running Crew will meet at 6pm and Yoga at 7pm ($5 for members)!

Friday: TGIF and Snatch Day! We have worked on accessory movements for the power snatch the past few weeks, now it's time to put it all together with heavy power snatch practice! The WOD will challenge you with heavy lunges and then you will finish the day out with this week's core work!

Saturday: For ChakaFit, how many rounds can you pack into 24 minutes? For the run can you stay disciplined and use the uphill as a recovery and then change your pace at the turnaround for the 400m and push hard all the way back to Chaka? CrossFit's double WOD has a built in incentive to go unbroken on the barbell movements, if you put it down you have extra work to do!

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