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Chaka Weekly Programming: 8/13/18 to 8/18/18

The summer is flying by! We are already at week 9 of 12 in our cycle!! The weights for the shoulder to overhead and snatch keep climbing, and we are still throwing new pulling progressions at you each week. This week will also conclude Coach Matt's summer stint with us so we will be throwing down on Saturday in a "Going Back to School" WOD for him. Don't worry, he will still come back to visit us when he wants a break from school! This week Matt will be coaching Monday night, Tuesday-Friday morning, and will be in Saturday morning if you want to catch him and give him a high five for all of his great coaching this summer!

Monday: The CrossFit class is kicking off the week with the shoulder to overhead strength. We are hitting up another version of the strict press, this week with dumbbells to test both arms independently! In the WOD you will have the chance to test all of the pulling work you have been doing...choose the movement that will challenge you the most! ChakaFit is a partner WOD, don't let the rest deceive you though, the idea is to push as hard as you can to earn that rest while your partner is working! Can you work together to keep you time the same from Round 1 to Round 2?

Tuesday: 3 increments of work in each class today, mentally push in the CrossFit WOD to max out on reps at the end of each 10 minute window, and be disciplined in the ChakaFit WOD to keep each round the same pace. The CrossFit WOD features a backsquat...you will have the option to pull from the rack now that we have plenty of squat rack options!

Wednesday: It's Snatch Day in the CrossFit Class! A challenging complex from the hang, the 75% from the high hang may prove to be difficult but really focus on the hip extension to generate the power you need to get the bar overhead. Climb if you are able! You will collect a lot of T2B volume in the WOD today, you may want to start with small sets from the beginning! The ChakaFit Strength is a front squat, focus on your depth if that's a weakness. Both classes will end with this week's core!!

Thursday: Both CrossFit and ChakaFit are the typical Thursday grind, no place to rest! The Chaka Running Crew will be hitting some hills tonight, you don't want to miss it! At 7pm you can work on restoring your body with Sonnya at the Yoga Class ($5 for members).

Friday: TGIF! We will end the work week with your pulling cycle and then hit up some squat cleans that increase in weight, can you make it to the max reps at the end?

Saturday: The morning will start off with "Shaman", a WOD to remember the cave diver who lost his life saving the trapped boys in Thailand. At 9am we will have a fun partner WOD with Coach Matt (designed by him as well). Your strength effort will help decrease the amount of work you have to do in the WOD! The 9am class will have a coach led warm-up, but then we all will WOD together!

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