• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 8/20/18 to 8/25/18

This week brings us to 10 of 12 in our cycle. At the end of this cycle we will retest our 1RM Push Press, 1RM Power Snatch and see the improvement we have made with our gymnastics pulling!

Reminders for this week: There are NO BARBELL WISE CLASSES on Monday or Wednesday.

Monday: Time to start to see the progress we have made with the snatch, today you will have a chance to climb heavy with singles. This is NOT meant to be a 1RM day, just climb heavy with great form. In CrossFit you can practice your handstand push-up skill in the WOD, or choose to attack the ChakaFit WOD with descending reps--it gets easier as you go! We will finish up the day with your core work for the week.

Tuesday: This week's installment of the pulling cycle will focus on some unorthodox ways to test your pulling. Remember, alternate progressions will be available for ability levels! Test your expertise on the peg board, try legless rope climbs, pull the sled without the use of your legs, and test your grip on the new monkey bars...our adult playground is coming to life today! Two "favorite" movements make an appearance in the WODs today...thrusters in CrossFit and man makers in ChakaFit, pick your poison!

Wednesday: Alternating work and rest is the theme today in both classes. You will see roughly 5 minutes of work alternated with 2 minutes to recover. In the CrossFit WOD make sure you scale your power clean weight appropriately so that you can cycle those reps! In the ChakaFit WOD you won't need much equipment, but you will be mentally tested to push hard for each 5 minute increment.

Thursday: Today you will see some guest coaches lending a hand at Chaka! Mike Knill will be on duty in the early morning, then Logan will take over until after lunch and Sharon will cover the evening shift, thanks guys! ChakaFit will make you grind for 30 minutes, the time frame won't be much shorter in the CrossFit WOD but you will be able to share a bit of the work with a partner! Don't forget Thursdays at 6pm you can join the running crew, and at 7pm you can work with Sonnya to get more mobile in her Yoga Class ($5 for members).

Friday: We will hit the shoulder to overhead strength today and then finish up with a Hero WOD. The "Fass Fit" Hero WOD is dedicated to John Weston Faas, a US Navy Seal who died during a helicopter crash in Afghanistan on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Saturday: ChakaFit will kick off the morning with one that will keep your heart pumping, a great aerobic conditioning session where there is no room for rest! Can you say leg day? The CrossFit WOD will have you squatting all morning...use the 400s to shake those legs out and get ready to come back in for more squats!

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