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Chaka Weekly Programming: 9/10/18 to 9/15/18

We are taking a break this week after the last cycle before we gear up for the next one (and the Team Series!) with a week of workouts that are modeled after the CrossFit Games 2018. The culmination of the week will come with Saturday's "Chaos" WOD! Are you brave enough to tackle the unknown? Also, take note of the Barbell Wise schedule change that starts this week.

Monday: Chaka Fit will take on a team workout "Bike and Deadlift", go hard on the Bike to allow your next teammate to get started! The CrossFit Classes will work through "Bicouplet 1 & 2". This is a great test for your newly improved gymnastics pulling movements! Be sure to scale them to be challenging! Both classes will finish out with our weekly core strength.

Tuesday: Today we will pause from the CrossFit Games workouts and honor those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. Both classes will complete the 9/11 Memorial WOD.

Wednesday: The Chaka Fit WOD is a combo of the Marathon Row (don't worry we aren't rowing a full marathon!) and the Obstacle Course. Work with a partner to accumulate as many meters as possible! The CrossFit Class will start off with a skill of Handstand Push-ups, then the WOD is a play on the "Rope and Yoke". Be prepared for rope climbs today!

Thursday: The Chaka Fit WOD will be a great test of core strength! Three different couplets involving the core and sandbags will have your abs burning! The CrossFit WOD is the "Two Stroke Pull" (Bike, Run and Sled Pull)!

Friday equals Funday! Test your strength in the Clean & Jerk Ladder!! Then finish out the day with "P.S." where slam balls will simulate the ski erg!

Saturday is where things get really interesting!! "Chaos" will ensue at Chaka!! Be ready for the unknown. You will start the WOD not knowing what movements or reps scheme you will be tackling. Your partner will give you info on a need to know basis so you will have to choose what pacing you think is best!

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