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Chaka Weekly Programming

Hope you can join us for the fundraiser this coming Saturday in honor of Tad Stenger, the late husband of Chaka Member Vern Stenger. Beginning on Monday, take a peek in the Chaka Clubhouse for the raffle items for this event. If you can't make the event you can still purchase tickets to win the prizes! Tickets for the weekend at the Dewey Beach House will be $20 apiece, and tickets for the "Dine and Dash" and "Barrow of Booze" will be $20 for an arm's length or 5 for $5. See a coach to purchase your chance to win! See HERE for all the details of the event!

This week begins the next cycle! We will be getting after it for another 12 weeks. Here is what is in store:

1. The next two weeks will include the CrossFit Team Series on Friday and Saturday in class so those workouts will be unknown until Wednesday night!

2. Chaka CrossFit is organizing the "Cranberry Challenge" within the SMT Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day (we will also have class at Chaka), so in lieu of Running Club on Thursday nights the Chaka Fit Class on Thursdays will be incorporating more running into the workouts to help you accumulate some mileage. There will always be the option to row or bike if you prefer not to run!

3. We will begin some maintenance strength work in the power lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press. We will rotate through these each week, usually in combination with other accessory strength work. The first week of each we will climb heavy, not necessarily a 1RM but it will at least give athletes a ballpark of a weight to go off of as their "max" for those that are unsure. The accessory focus for this cycle is going to be horizontal pressing. This means dips, push-ups, bench press, and tricep work.

4. Gymnastics volume work will be done weekly. We will work to accumulate reps in T2B, HSPU, and Pull-ups, often times paired with another taxing movement to challenge you to perform these under fatigue. This may come in the form of the skill work for the day or the WOD. This is your opportunity to work to improve the efficiency of those movements. Coaches will help you find appropriate progressions if you haven't mastered the movements yet.

5. One day a week we will have a focus of Olympic Lifting. This will vary from week to week and will come more in the form of complexes. It is our goal in the evenings to match the time frame with the ChakaFit and CrossFit Strength pieces so that you can choose the one most appropriate for you at 5 and 6pm. In addition to seeing the Olympic lifts as a strength piece you will also see some attention to barbell (or dumbbell!) cycling.

6. We are still working on our Aerobic Energy System, this will shift as we get closer to the new year, but for now we are going to continue to build your base of fitness. This will be seen with longer steady state WODs and interval work with rest. It is ALWAYS the goal to maintain the same pace. These workouts are not about getting stronger, they are about moving consistently so it is crucial that you scale appropriately to get the intended response of the workout.

7. In November we will be hosting a fundraiser WOD in conjunction with Men's Health Awareness Month. More info to follow on this but we will also incorporate some work to prepare us for our performance in that workout.

To help you get the most out of this cycle we will have a whiteboard dedicated to the "Daily Focus", which (with the coach's assistance) will help guide you to how to best approach the content of the class whether it be the strength, a skill or the workout. Each athlete is different and we reserve the right to cater our responses to a particular athlete's needs, so ask the coach what's best for you!

Week 1 is as follows:

Monday: We will kick off the week with everyone's favorite...a heavy Backsquat!! The WOD will include alternating dumbbell snatches, work to find a rhythm that is most efficient. For the ChakaFit WOD, challenge yourself to only rest briefly between movements. The reps are set at 11 for each movement so manage your pace to complete everything consistently. Note the kettlebell swings are slightly heavier than normal (and listed in pounds), with the low volume try to go a bit heavier than normal today!

Tuesday: A clean and jerk complex will be this week's Olympic Lift, followed by a partner WOD with a challenging deadlift weight, C2B and double unders. This high skilled WOD is set up in a way where you can focus on one movement at a time since you will be alternating movements with your partner. In Chaka Fit a tough team WOD will hold you accountable to keep moving!

Wednesday: Here you will see the first of our gymnastics skill volume. T2B paired with Double Unders. Try to choose a rep scheme with the T2B that you can maintain for the whole EMOM, or work with a PVC pipe to lower the target for your toes. The WOD is our first aerobic session, alternating work and rest intervals should allow you to recover to repeat the same number of Burpee Dumbbell Squat Cleans each round in CrossFit and complete the work in the same amount of time each round in Chaka Fit.

Thursday: CrossFit will give you two 15 minute bouts of work where Chaka Fit brings the first of the running in for prep for the Cranberry Challenge in a long AMRAP.

Friday: Reminder today will be a team series WOD in all classes, the workouts are released Wednesday night and will then be posted on TRIIB! If time allows we will finish up class with the core strength for the week, feel free to do it on your own if we can't fit it into class.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will have a series of 3 mini WODs the first two will be under a time constraint but the third one will be an all out race to the finish! The CrossFit Class will follow one of the Team Series Workouts. Those involved in the Team Series will have Open Gym on Saturday and Sunday to make up the other workouts!

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