• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 9/24/18 to 9/29/18

Week 2 is here, which still includes the second week of the Team Series workouts so the Friday WODs and Saturday CrossFit WOD is unknown until Wednesday night.

Monday: We will hit our Olympic Lifting focus on Monday this week. It's been awhile since we have done a full Squat Snatch with all of our recent focus on Power Snatches. This will be a skill builder for many. Focus on technique and full depth before thinking about climbing heavy. The WOD ties in our barbell cycling focus. Can you find a weight to go unbroken with for the thrusters and use the run as a recovery so you can get right back on the bar when you come in? Chaka Fit's strength will focus on the lockout position of the push press, make sure the dumbbells are stacked over your body's midline. The workout features a low rep scheme which will allow you to keep moving, focus on quick transitions between movements.

Tuesday: Today we will do a workout in support of a fellow CrossFitter from CrossFit Lapeer in Michigan who suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma. Take a picture with your swolemates and post it on social media with #robswod to show your support for his recovery and let him know we are thinking of him! ChakaFit will tackle a long workout with some significant rowing, all reps decrease which will help you continue to maintain a steady pace. If time allows we will hit our core strength for the week at the end of each class or on your own afterwards.

Wednesday: Our powerlifting strength comes in today, we will alternate with bench press and Bulgarian split squats. The goal is to climb as heavy as possible by the end of the last round. Your gymnastics volume work is hidden in the WOD today. Attempt to go unbroken or use as big of sets as possible for the pull-ups, the rest will give you a chance to recover. However, the burpees on the front end will force you to do the pull-ups under fatigue! Chaka Fit's strength will bring out a goblet squat variation that will be sure to be a leg burner. Use a target to squat to if you struggle with the appropriate depth. Interval work is the WOD in Chaka Fit which means you want to keep your reps of sit-ups the same in every round!

Thursday: There are rowing intervals alternating with some great accessory strength pieces for the CrossFit WOD today. Row hard but consistent, you will get a bit of a cardio break in the opposite minute. The second week of a more running intense Chaka Fit WOD will help you prepare for the Thanksgiving Day 5k (or Cranberry Challenge!). Remember you are always welcome to sub a row or bike in place of the run.

Friday: Team Series WOD TBA.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will bring you to three different stations where you are in a race against the clock to finish a large block of work. This is a great mental and strategic test on how to approach a workout with a big chunk of volume at once. Come learn some strategies to help you tackle it successfully! CrossFit will be determined by the Team Series workouts.

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