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Chaka Weekly Programming: 10/1/18 to 10/6/18

SCHEDULE CHANGE FOR YOGA: Yoga will now be offered on SUNDAY mornings at 9am, starting 10/7/18. The cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-Chaka members.

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We are at week 4 of our cycle this week, here is what is in store for you...

Monday: CrossFit will hit our power lifting strength today by climbing to a heavy triple in the Deadlift, alternating with some strict pulling. The WOD is designed to force you to be efficient with your S2OH. Be sure to choose an appropriate weight so that you are not doing more than 2 sets each round! ChakaFit's challenge is to maintain the same pace as the time frame of the AMRAP increases. Tuesday: ChakaFit has a twofer...two WODs in one day! A descending rep scheme will keep you motivated to keep moving as the rounds get easier! Your strength in the CrossFit Class today may feel more like a WOD, you will be moving through squat cleans and front squats as fast as you can for 3 minutes at a time! Then you will finish up with a Partner WOD where there is no room for rest, hold each other accountable to push hard. Can you still push hard on the rower while being disciplined enough to maintain proper technique? Focus on keeping your heels driven into the foot pad. Want to learn more about the basics of rowing? Check out this video:

Wednesday: Today will start off with a gymnastics skill piece of handstand push-ups and box jumps. There is a time cap, so we encourage you to really focus on working your skills and not worrying about how long it takes you...at the very least you will get some valuable practice in! Your goal in the CrossFit WOD is to pace each 800 equally, so don't start off on a sprint! In the ChakaFit Class you will push with a partner against the clock to finish a Death By scenario including the Bike and Wallballs!

Thursday: CrossFit will hit up a long AMRAP that can be used as a recovery WOD and an aerobic base builder all in one. ChakaFit again will have a focus on running to help people prepare for the Turkey Trot/Cranberry Challenge. You can check out more info HERE. You will find a combo of "weighted" runs into unweighted runs, try to push it once the weight is unloaded!!

Friday: The CrossFit Class will see a variety of snatches with increasing weights combined with challenging gymnastics movements. The volume is low so try to move as fast as possible through the 2 rounds so you then can enjoy your rest. Round 1 should be the same as Round 2 in time. ChakaFit will push through a similar WOD with dumbbell snatches and alternating gymnastics movements, still the same goal of Round 1=Round 2. Saturday: ChakaFit will have you paired up to tackle the work today. You will work simultaneously, rest while your partner is working, and have a choice on how to split up reps! The CrossFit WOD features 10 rounds ALL with a different barbell movement! Talk about variety!!

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