• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 10/15/18 to 10/20/18

Week 5 is here...some exciting things going on at Chaka this week so make sure you read on!

Monday: In CrossFit we are kicking off the week with a new variation on the bench press to keep up with our strength maintenance. And EVERYONE will experience how tough ring rows can be in the CrossFit Class. When programming workouts, sometimes it can be beneficial to pair movements that ARE conflicting so that you can learn to manage fatigue in those areas, today we will be doing that with your grip. Hang Cleans and T2B will challenge you to hold on for as long as possible. The Chaka Fit Class will also have a strength movement (thrusters) paired with gymnastics strength (strict T2B). Work through dumbbell movements trying to hang on as you transition between movements. It will take will power to not put the dumbbells down!

Tuesday: We will work on some snatch variations in the CrossFit Class with a general time frame of 15 minutes, but a forced method for climbing in weight in order to get more reps in during your time! The WOD will have you partner up, racing against the clock while you are both working to get back to the barbell! In Chaka Fit you will see a core focused strength portion with a new variation on the Russian Kettlebell Swing. The WOD has a buy in and buy out of box jumps, with 5 rounds sandwiched in the middle. As always try to pace yourself, can you complete the buy out as fast as you did the buy in??

Wednesday: Back at it with some gymnastics work, try your hand at some muscle-up practice or focus on dip strength! CrossFit gives you a unique opportunity to choose your own rep scheme. Complete the work anyway you want, but get it done in 20 minutes!! ChakaFit has a smaller window of work but you are still racing against the clock! Steady pace the whole time will keep your work consistent each round!

Thursday: The CrossFit WOD is a 32 minute AMRAP...and NO ONE will do the same work. The work you do is all based on your name! Come in and just move...a fun, no stress day! Chaka Fit gives you two WODs to work through for time with a little break in the middle. Of course some running to get you ready for the Cranberry Challenge!

Friday: Aerobic Interval work today in both classes...you will begin your next chunk of work every 7 minutes. This means...the faster you work the more rest you get!! Two times through will allow you to compare times from round one to round two!

Saturday: Happy Birthday Lily!!! Current members and alumni of the Penn State CrossFit Club will be coming to Chaka Crossfit to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. This group of current and past students is heavily involved with THON at Penn State; a 46-hour dance marathon that is held in the Bryce Jordan Center at University Park. Through a partnership with the Four Diamonds Fund, each year Penn State’s THON event raises millions of dollars that goes towards helping and supporting families with a child suffering from cancer. The Penn State CrossFit Club’s THON child, Lily Jordan, is an amazing young lady that lives in Camp Hill, and on October 19th she will be celebrating her 16th Birthday! In order to celebrate with Lily and continue to fight the battle against pediatric cancer, Chaka’s Saturday morning WODs will be THON themed, with reps and movements that are inspired by the 46-hour dance marathon. The Club will have a donation box at the gym on Saturday morning if you would like to donate towards the cause, we hope you will consider bringing your loose change to contribute. Drop-in fees are waived for the day in lieu of a donation so if you have any CrossFit friends from other boxes have them come join the fun! We look forward to seeing you for a fun morning of fitness for a great cause! For The Kids! Also - In sticking with the Marathon theme, several members of Chaka Crossfit will be rowing a MARATHON that morning. That is 42,195 meters! They will start at 7:30am and be rowing while we celebrate Lily’s Birthday WODs!

Sunday: 9am Yoga ($5 members, $10 non-members), 10am-12pm Open Gym. Remember if you are coming in for Open Gym be respectful as Yoga finishes up.


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