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Chaka Weekly Programming: 10/29/18 to 11/3/18

We are at week 7! Continuing to focus on powerlifting strength, gymnastics volume, and barbell cycling!

We wanted to give you an update on our PSU Thon Fundraiser from October 20th that Coach Matt helped us coordinate...we were able to raise $446.91 because of your generosity! The Four Diamonds Fund is a great cause that helps families combat the financial challenges that come along when trying to fight cancer. Every penny helps alleviate unneeded stress in an already difficult time. We thank our Chaka community for helping to support this important event!

The weather is changing and there have been some requests for beanies, hoodies, thermals and long sleeve tees, submit your order by November 6th to get in on the Chaka gear! ORDER HERE

Monday: The powerlifting strength comes in hybrid form this week in the CrossFit Class. You will pull from a rack for a Thruster so you will get the front squat combined with the press. Both WODs will get in your gymnastics volume with big sets of pull-ups!

Tuesday: CrossFit's WOD is an AMRAP named "Marie", with everyone's favorite the Power Clean! The strength will give you a chance to warm-up to a heavy power clean, paired with some high box jumps to prepare your body to be explosive! The Chaka Fit Class has three 10 minute AMRAPs each with it's own couplet. Find a pace you can sustain, it will be a gasser!

Wednesday: CrossFit's gymnastics skill this week will be HSPU, they are paired with light deadlifts to get in some hinging conditioning. The CrossFit WOD will pair two more gymnastics skills...double unders and rope climbs! It's a great day to get a lot of GOAT work in! Chaka Fit's strength will combine pressing, hinging and core work! The WOD has descending reps, so it will get easier as you go!

Thursday: Thursdays continue to focus on aerobic conditioning, with a chance to get some running in during the Chaka Fit Class in order to prepare for the Cranberry Challenge.

Friday: Both classes will have a partner WOD where you will alternate rounds for the opportunity to move fast and then rest. You will have the chance to subtract seconds from your total time by taking a break to perform a Tabata Bench Press (8 Rounds of :20 on/:10 off), the more reps you get the more seconds you can deduct! The CrossFit WOD will have you working on cycling hang squat snatches!

Saturday: A play on "The Sevens" for the Chaka Fit WOD today, low reps give you the chance to keep moving, maximize your transitions to finish as fast as possible! The CrossFit Class features a fun little WOD with Clean & Jerks!

Sunday: Yoga at 9am, Open Gym from 10am-12pm!

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