• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/12/18 to 11/17/18

We are in week 9, still focusing on strength maintenance, gymnastics volume and barbell cycling. Make sure you take note of our Thanksgiving Schedule!

Monday: Both classes will be focusing on squatting as the strength paired with a horizontal press today. The CrossFit WOD will encourage you to be efficient with the cycling of your hang cleans or you will spend unnecessary time picking the bar back up off the ground. Challenge yourself in the Chaka Fit WOD to see if you can do all of the movements unbroken, and take minimal rest in transition between movements.

Tuesday: Choose from a Partner WOD in CrossFit where you will strategically decide how to spilt the reps, or three 10 minute WODs in the Chaka Fit Class separated by 3 minutes of rest.

Wednesday: CrossFit's Strength will give you a chance to practice your speed under the bar with Squat Snatches. Use your technique to guide how heavy you go. Start at 60% of your max and let perfect form be the guide. Finish out class with a mini chipper, bookended by sets of slam balls. Chaka Fit's Strength will be a whirlwind, one plate will challenge you to get all of the reps in during the EMOM. Pair up with a partner and push each other to finish your work by working simultaneously before you switch movements to complete each round.

Thursday: CrossFit features some old school power lifting in the WOD with bench and deadlift, finish off class with some static accessory work to help build structural stability. This is the last week of running for Chaka Fit as next week is the Turkey Trot/Cranberry Challenge! A fun obstacle course style WOD with increasing distances of run, finish off the WOD with a 1 mile round trip to the old Pete's!

Friday: It's finally time for our gymnastics skill! This week's challenge will be increasing sets of T2B starting at 3, if you fail there is no "punishment" but you must start back at 3!! The WOD will have you working for 1 minute and resting for 1 minute. Collect as many reps as possible each minute you are working, can you stay consistent with your rep count each minute??

Saturday: ChakaFit will hit up a long chipper with small doses of burpees in between movements. Grab a kettlebell and keep moving! CrossFit has a fun Partner Strength to kick off class...work together to collect 50 heavy power cleans, but with a double under twist! Then push through 16 minutes of a tough WODAPALOOZA qualifier. Ascending reps will make this one a mental battle.

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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