• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/19/18 to 11/24/18

Here we are at week 10 of our cycle! Don't forget we have a modified schedule on Thursday and Friday this week for the holiday! Both days, you are welcome to come to any class regardless of your membership.

Monday: We will kick off the week with Push Press as our strength in the CrossFit Class. The WOD has a 25 minute time cap to finish a down and up ladder of BBJO, KBS and Goblet Lunges!! The Chaka Fit Class will hit two WODs after a strength EMOM that will work your core, hamstrings, and lats!

Tuesday: CrossFit will have a lot of HEAVY barbell work! Heavy Squat Cleans followed by Death by Squat Cleans! You will finish with a Partner WOD with a race to do as many rope climbs as you can in 7 minutes. Chaka Fit will be a long grinder where you will have a brief respite between each round, can you keep even splits for each round??

Wednesday: Athletes will have the opportunity to choose their own gymnastics movement to work on in an EMOM today, paired with double under work. Don't pick your favorite, pick your goat! The CrossFit WOD will have you complete 4 Rounds of work, can you transition smoothly from the power snatch to the backsquat?? ChakaFit will give you two 8 minute bursts of work with only a 1 minute break in between. The goal is to hit the same number of max reps at the end of every 2 minutes!

Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We will have one class at 9:30am, come ready to sample a little bit of everything with the "Thanksgiving Sampler Platter"!

Friday: You will race against the clock in 3 different 10 minute WODs. Complete 3 rounds of work and get to the max effort movement to collect as many reps as you can in the remaining time!

Saturday: Chaka Fit has a fun Partner WOD where you will need to work closely together in order to work through all the reps. CrossFit will do "Ariana" a WOD developed to celebrate a young girl's successful battle with leukemia!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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