• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/26/18 to 12/1/18

Week 11/12 this week, come on in and work off your Thanksgiving grub!

Monday: We will kick off the week with some tough aerobic intervals...keep in mind that your total work time in both classes will be about 30 minutes. Find a pace you can maintain without taking long breaks! In the CrossFit WOD the goal should be to hit the same number of reps in both rounds for each AMRAP. In Chaka Fit try to finish each round in the same amount of time.

Tuesday: CrossFit will have you going heavy on the deadlift today with triples, be sure to stay engaged through all three reps. Tackle descending reps of pistols, S2OH and GHD Sit-ups (or Slam Ball Sit-ups) for time in the WOD. The Chaka Fit Class will work on pressing strength and isolating each hamstring in single leg deadlifts. The WOD consists of a race to the kettlebell during each of the 4 rounds, focus on your breathing and relaxing your grip at the top to allow yourself to hold on as long as possible!

Wednesday: CrossFit will work on Power Snatch technique from the hang, before applying the practice in the WOD for a combo of Power Snatch into Overhead Squat. Chaka Fit will focus on explosive hip extension combined with pulling strength and overhead stability in the strength portion of class. The Chaka Fit WOD will have you moving back and forth across the box by lunging and burpee broad jumping...the further you jump the fewer reps you have to do!

Thursday: A fun choose your own adventure WOD is featured in the CrossFit Class, a rare chance to give you the choice of avoiding movements that are not your favorite (or embracing them and working your weaknesses!). Choose a variety of movement or stick to just a few in this 32 minute AMRAP. Partner up (or work solo) in the Chaka Fit WOD where you will be collecting bike calories to subtract from your workout time, no room for rest in this one!

Friday: Challenge yourself with big sets of T2B in the skill portion of today's class to avoid doing too many burpees!!! A chipper of 40 reps for each movement will make you strategize how to best break your reps so that you can complete the WOD as fast as possible!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will kick off the day with a WOD that requires only your body (and a rower :)). No doubt it will still challenge you mentally and physically as the reps INCREASE as you go, stay disciplined and keep moving! The CrossFit WOD is the benchmark WOD, "Nona", used by CrossFit Alexandria, looks like a fun one to come test out!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10:00am to 12:00pm Open Gym.

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