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Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/17/18 to 12/22/18

Take note of our modified hours over the holidays! Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day will all operate on a modified schedule, with Chaka being closed on Christmas Day.

Coming off our "fun" week of Open WOD repeats, we will be heading into the next cycle where we will turn our attention to some anaerobic training. Which means faster, more intense workouts. So in week 1 we will do a test, to get a baseline for your anaerobic capacity. We will retest this at the end of the cycle to check our progress. This type of short intense work may not feel as good as a long chipper but it will help train your muscles to function without oxygen, using other sources of fuel stored within them. Most importantly it will increase your capacity to withstand the buildup of waste substances (such as lactic acid) and remove them from the body. This means your endurance and ability to fight fatigue will improve. It will be limited to once per week and will occur in both classes.

In addition, we will still work the aerobic system with longer WODs and intervals where we ask you to sustain a pace. The gymnastics work will now be under more fatigue, and you will experience some more barbell cycling. Don't worry the old faithful "12 Days of Christmas" will still be programmed on Christmas Eve! This is a shorter cycle as we head into the CrossFit Open in late February.

Monday: Even though we are not solely focused on strength building right now, we want to get a quick snapshot of where everyone is with the backsquat. We last climbed to a heavy single on September 17th and since then have done A LOT of single leg work. Hoping to see you match or beat your number from 9/17/18. The CrossFit Class will finish out with a fun team WOD that will test your grip. Can you help your team out by doing 20 unbroken wallballs? Chaka Fit will get some rope climb practice in along with some great accessory work for the posterior chain and then finish out with an AMRAP of ascending reps!

Tuesday: Today is where the anaerobic test will come in. Go ALL OUT. We will have heats running in class so that everyone has access to the bikes...be sure to encourage your classmates to push! After the test you will have 12 minutes to move through some structural work (for quality!).

Wednesday: The CrossFit Class will have a Thruster Ladder. You will get 90 seconds to complete the prescribed number of reps and then change your weight for the next interval. Be sure to plan to go heavy enough that it is VERY challenging by the end! These thrusters will be pulled from the floor so you can squat clean them into a thruster or power clean and then go into your thruster. Following the ladder will be your first gymnastics test under fatigue. In the Chaka Fit Class your workout is bookended by a long row/bike. This workout is "for time" so the harder you work the faster you will finish! Class will conclude with a core buyout.

Thursday: The CrossFit class has three WODs, all different styles (AMRAP, Tabata, For time with descending reps) but roughly the same time frame. You will get 3 minutes of rest between! Each WOD will have an impact on your score so save enough gas for the end! The Chaka Fit WOD is a throwback to our snow day when only Jen Foster and Lyle Cosner completed the WOD (in the snow no less)! Are you brave enough to run? If not, we will have a rowing option for you!

Friday: You will start class by having a chance to practice some skills...handstand walking (or any number of variations) and pistols. So many of you have seen great progress at your pistols, this is just another chance to become more confident with the movement without being fatigued. The WOD is a Chaka repeat. This EMOM will force you to work fast to complete the movements in the prescribed about of time. You will stick with the same movement for 5 minutes before making a quick transition to the next one!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will have 6 rounds, each with a time cap. Work fast and you will be awarded with rest! The twist today is that every round you will start at a different movement. Do you notice a difference in the rounds depending on which order you go in? CrossFit will do "The Chief". Three minute AMRAPs of power cleans, push-ups and air squats. Start each AMRAP where you left off on the previous one!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am Open Gym. Reminder to wait until 10 to come in so that you don't disrupt the Yoga Class!

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