• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/24/18 to 12/29/18

Where: Adria's House, 550 Yates Ford Road, Etters, PA 17319

RSVP: Text or Call Adria at 717-512-3572

Bring: Side dish or dessert, main course and beverages will be supplied!

*Spouses/Significant Others are welcome!

Headed into week 2 of our cycle with a built in rest day on Christmas since Chaka will be closed! We will cover a lot of aerobic work to burn off those Christmas Cookies, and hit the anaerobic training on Friday! The strength work is buried in the WODs this week. THERE WILL BE NO YOGA ON SUNDAY, 12/30!

Monday: 12 Days of Christmas! One class at 9am, all memberships are welcome. Choose from the barbell or dumbbell version!


Wednesday: We are back to our regular schedule for the remainder of the week. CrossFit will get their hidden squatting strength in with body weight back squats! Chaka Fit will work through two WODs, the rest between is determined by how hard you push on the first one!

Thursday: CrossFit will descend in reps, finishing each round with a rope climb! Chaka Fit will descend in a different way, the rounds of movements get less as you move on! Both WODs are performed for time! All of the classes will finish up with some core work.

Friday: Get ready to SPRINT on the bike and rower!! Time to get out of your comfort zone and push harder than you ever have before. Take a peek at those RPMs and you will know how hard you are working! The anaerobic intervals will be turned into a Team WOD where you are trying to accumulate as many calories as possible. Your "rest" periods will be filled with beneficial accessory work.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will hit a chipper with a 1K Row on the front and back end. CrossFit will get their hidden Oly strength in with "Holleyman"! The prescribed Power Clean weights are 225/155, challenge yourself to go heavier than you think you can because you are only doing 1 rep at a time!!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym, NO YOGA!!!

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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