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Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/31/18 to 1/5/19

We are at week 3 of this cycle already!! Don't forget that this week has more modifications to the schedule due to the holidays! You can always check the TRIIB app to be sure when we are offering classes.

Monday: We will celebrate the end of 2018 with a chipper WOD. All of the reps are 31 to mark the last day of the month. This will be your "long" day this week, so come grind away before you ring in the new year!

Tuesday: Come suffer with a partner after you stayed up until midnight last night (for those of you who made it that late). Today will be increments of 5 minutes where you and your partner will both be working the entire time, alternated with 2 minutes of rest. AMRAP style so that even if you are feeling sluggish you can still come get a good sweat on!

Wednesday: The CrossFit Class will tackle a snatch complex where you can choose from a full or power snatch; one will be from the floor and one from the hang! The WOD is a common couplet of deadlifts and handstand push-ups, with some double unders thrown in for good measure. Today's increasing rep scheme will test your proficiency in HSPU. The Chaka Fit strength is a push and a pull, don't miss this chance to work two potential weaknesses! The Chaka Fit WOD is "Ghost", 1 minute stations of rowing, burpees and double unders followed by a minute of rest for 6 rounds. This one is all mental!

Thursday: The CrossFit strength will double as a WOD, work to complete 4 round of lunges and v-ups as fast as you can! The WOD will have you on both the bike and rower and nailing some great dumbbell combos! For the Chaka Fit Class you will have a 4 minute window to complete the prescribed work. The faster you work, the more rest you will get! Class will finish up with two challenging core exercises (think abs and back).

Friday: We will hit up the anaerobic work today. Last week you went all out on the bike and rower for :20, this week you will practice the movements from our Anaerobic Test in :40 increments. Your "rest" will be your strength (Z Press) and some core work.

Saturday: The Chaka Fit WOD will be partner style where you alternate movements. Complete 12 total rounds as a pair as fast as you can! In the CrossFit Class some of you may be brave enough to do "McFlurry" as prescribed with some running today, if not you are welcome to sub out the runs for a 500m row.

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym, there will be NO YOGA today!

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