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Chaka Weekly Programming: 1/7/19 to 1/12/19

We are headed into week 4! And we are nearly to mid-January which means the 1 Year Anniversary of Chaka is right around the corner!!! We thought it would be fun over the next month to share some fun facts about Chaka's history.

Our first submission to get an affiliate name was West Shore Crossfit. It was DENIED.

What we learned was it’s not that simple to pick a name. Here are the general rules. No continents, countries, provinces, regions, states, counties, large cities, religious references, movie names, celebrity names, personal names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. As long as no one else has it or has applied for it, and it's a name they will license, you'll be good to go.

This means that even though we could like a name that appears not to be taken if they have an application sitting at CFHQ on hold with that name it will be DENIED.

Top 3 choices were.

  1. Crossfit Chaka

  2. Crossfit Soulfire

  3. Crossfit Peace


We were, however; asked about what Chaka meant to us. We told them the truth. One of our partners (Daily) looks like this guy when he does rope climbs and it has been an internal joke between the 3 of us for years.

“Chaka from Land of the Lost” (see his pic above)

It was DENIED because it was too much like Crossfit Shaka.

Clearly CFHQ did not know who they were dealing with. The following email was composed to CFHQ in a last ditch effort to have Crossfit Chaka approved.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your time in this matter. Let me try and define it better for you.

The Shaka that is already licensed is probably pronounced


I am assuming this is from the Zulu king in Africa or the Hawaiian "hang loose" sign.

Our Chaka is pronounced CHA-kuh.

For the purpose of clarification I am not sure if the pronunciation means much for what you need. I just thought it might be helpful.

But Chaka is a Hebrew name meaning "Life". It is a female name where Shaka is male.

In the urban dictionary - Shaka's meaning is cool or used when someone does something good. For Chaka its a Mexican guy, from the northern state of Sinaloa, (although other guys from other states also consider themselves chakas). who believes/or is a bad ass dude.

For us, we see our logo as "Life" and the word Chaka can also be used to describe things that are really great. Kinda like CrossFit!

I hope this helps and if need be I can send more information about it.

Let me know,

Thank you

That email got us approval for Chaka Crossfit. And the rest is ………...

Monday: We will kick off the week hitting up some overhead pressing strength in the CrossFit Class. Then we will finish up the class with 5 RFT of a combo of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural movements. Your grip will be tested going from deadlifts to T2B. ChakaFit will also see a strength piece with the creative use of a plate for bench press and overhead lunges. The WOD will put you on the rower for TIME as opposed to a distance or calories. Can you mentally push for 5 minutes on the rower? Four 5-minute AMRAPs will move you back and forth between the rower and dumbbells with NO REST between them!

Tuesday: CrossFit will take on the famous 21-15-9 rep scheme today in "Mary Elizabeth". Class will finish out with 4 rounds of core work. The Chaka Fit Class will work through an AMRAP 8 three different times with 2 minutes rest between. Have a pacing plan so that you can perform consistently across all 3 AMRAPs.

Wednesday: Our Anaerobic Day is today! Both classes will work on going all out for 1 minute this week! You should feel very uncomfortable when you finish. You will start on the bike and finish with a KB movement in that minute, your score is your total number of reps (calories + KB). During your rest we will work on some upper body strength and positioning to allow your heart rate a chance to recover.

Thursday: Grind through three 10 minute WODs in the CrossFit Class, to get to the max effort movement at the end! Chaka Fit features a 20 minute EMOM with no rest! Complete the set number of reps on the front end of each minute and then keep moving until the minute ends. Chaka Fit will get their core work in today after the WOD.

Friday: Snatch Day!! Work on your cycling of snatches (barbell or DB) in three 2 minute AMRAPs that have you ascending in weight! Finish up class with an AMRAP of OHS, BBJO and Rowing!

Saturday: Grab a partner and get in for either class because it's always more fun to workout with friends!! In both classes you will share the work with your teammate!

Sunday: 9-10am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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