• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 1/14/19 to 1/19/19

Be sure to RSVP for our 1 Year Anniversary Party! If you didn't receive the Evite, let us know and we will send it out to you! Week 5 is upon us already. The CrossFit Open will be here before you know it. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements regarding that in the upcoming weeks!

Monday: We will kick off the week with our Anaerobic Training!! This week our intervals are upped to 1:30 and we will grind it out in a team style WOD!

Tuesday: The CrossFit Class will tackle two Partner AMRAPs to help BT, Kris, Steph, Sharon, Dee and Lauren prepare for their upcoming competition!! Work together with a teammate to earn the most reps in each 10 minute WOD, if you are in class with any of the competitors work extra hard to push them!! The Chaka Fit Class will do a slam ball ONLY WOD today! Come try out some new movements and get that heart rate flying!

Wednesday: The CrossFit Class will start with an Overhead Squat Strength. Challenge yourself with a heavy load or stay light and work on technique, it's your choice. The WOD will continue with the barbell as you isolate each leg with front rack lunges. Don't worry, the rep scheme is descending so as those legs get smoked it will only get easier! Chaka Fit will do some single leg work during their strength and then tackle a 15 minute AMRAP where the challenge is to go unbroken as long as possible!!

Thursday: In CrossFit spend some time cruising on the Rogue Echo Bike while your partner works through an AMRAP of movements, you are done when you reach 10k! For Chaka Fit you will take on a good old fashioned chipper!

Friday: Classes today will see how far they can get in the CrossFit Open Test created by CrossFit New England. This 20 minute AMRAP will be a challenge to get through one round...can anyone do it? I dare you!!

Saturday: The Chaka Fit Class will start with ascending reps and end with descending reps (aren't you glad it's not the other way?!) with a brief break in between. CrossFit will attempt to sneak in a run again with "Ralph" which includes four 600m runs!

Sunday: NO YOGA, Sonnya is away at a Yoga Instructor's training! 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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