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Chaka Weekly Programming: 1/21/19 to 1/26/19

We are two weeks away from our 1 Year Anniversary Party! Be sure to RSVP, we can't wait to celebrate with all of you! In addition to a drink coupon (please tip the servers!) and some snacks (while supplies last) we will have some raffles and games with amazing prizes. You definitely don't want to miss out on this fun afternoon!

We are at Week 6 of 9 in our Anaerobic Cycle. Week 9 will be the retest and then the following week the CrossFit Open begins!! Stay tuned, we will be releasing details on how Chaka will tackle the open soon!!

Monday: We are at a midway testing point for our Anaerobic Cycle, we will do a benchmark test WOD today (in addition to our regular training on the Anaerobic System on Friday). Today is everyone's favorite girl, "Fran"! It's time to put your training to the test, if you recall we have hit multiple workouts with 21-15-9 pull-ups in the past few weeks, as well as some Thrusters :) Partner up to support each other and count each other's reps, then use the cool down to perfect your rowing skill for Tuesday's WOD.

Tuesday: CrossFit will take last week's overhead squat practice and put it to the test with a WOD that increases the weight of the squat as the reps decrease! Chaka Fit will try to keep even split during 10 rounds of biking and burpees, a deadly combo! Don't worry, you will have 1 minute to rest after each round!!

Wednesday: Both classes will start off with double under practice. The CrossFit Class will work through the Flight Simulator, whereas Chaka Fit will work for :30 increments. Practice makes perfect! Small rep + heavy weight power cleans allow you to challenge yourself with weight in today's CrossFit WOD. Chaka Fit will rotate rowing with weighted movements and gymnastics in two longer rounds where as always the goal is even splits!

Thursday: CrossFit will combine strength and cardio in three separate EMOMs, on one minute challenge yourself with the weight, and on the opposite minute push yourself to elevate that heart rate! Chaka Fit will tackle a variety of movements in three different AMRAPs, a great day to come in and get your sweat on!

Friday: Today we will do another take on our anaerobic training, this time you will complete 3 movements for time, like we did during our initial test WOD. Push as hard as possible to complete all 3 movements and then get rewarded with a long rest. There will be two sets of movements that you will conquer today. During your rest you will work on mobility. Stations will be set up around the box to help you increase your range of motion!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will take on "Emily" the WOD that one of our new rowers is named after!! CrossFit will have you tackling 3 couplets with a partner, split the reps any way you'd like!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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