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Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/25/19 to 3/2/19

This is Dan's first Open, but did he really do 19.1? I don't see a rower!

Don't forget if you are registered for the Open you must LOG YOUR SCORES by 8pm on Monday night. They need to be validated by Chaka before they appear on the leaderboard, so please be sure to leave the top portion of your scorecard at the box!

Monday: CrossFit will perfect those power snatches today with a descending rep/ascending weight WOD! Finish up with some Double Under practice, they have been in the Open EVERY year so there is no avoiding them! In Chaka Fit, hit up three back to back couplets of 5 rounds each. If you finish before the 10 minute time cap, you have earned yourself a break going into the next one!

Tuesday: The push jerk is the focus for today in CrossFit. Too many of us do not perform this efficiently enough, so it's time to practice the catch by holding it for :02. The WOD will be a triplet of a gymnastics, monostructural and a weighted movement, collect as many rounds as you can! Chaka Fit will start off working on dips and isolating your hamstrings with single leg Romanian deadlifts. Then you will be challenged to match your performance for five, AMRAP 3s.

Wednesday: Could you be the one who earns their first muscle-up in the Open? Work through some progressions or practice your technique in our skill EMOM today. The opposite minute you can pick a sticky spot to mobilize. For the WOD, you will work through 4 rounds of bike and slam balls with a brief rest into 4 rounds of pistols (could they show up in the Open this year for the first time?) and deadlifts. Chaka Fit will work through 6 stations in a double Tabata format. :40 on, :20 off for 4 rounds before you move on to the next station. Collect as many reps as you can!!

Thursday: Both classes will work through the same aerobic/recovery WOD today. If you are feeling fresh, get after it and push hard! If you just want to come and work toward recovery, find a pace and just plug along. Finish out class with some accessory work to focus on your hamstrings and obliques!

Friday: TBD, 19.2!

Saturday: Grab a partner for Chaka Fit and work together to tackle a chipper. CrossFit will have a strength focus of the Bear Complex, get ready to hold onto that barbell! CrossFit will also have a partner WOD to finish out class today, a fast couplet of hang power cleans and lateral burpee bar hops!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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*easiest access via 11th Street

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