• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 3/11/19 to 3/16/19

We are into our 4th week of the CrossFit Open! Who has a guess what this week will bring?

Don't forget that Tuesday at midnight is the deadline to order your meals from Clean Plate Nutrition each week. Use the code "CHAKA" to get 5% off and have it delivered for free to the box on Saturday!

Monday: Both classes will kick off the week with light and long...choose from an AMRAP in CrossFit or RFT in Chaka Fit. Both classes will end with a core buyout!

Tuesday: Time to get heavy in CrossFit with a deadlift, however today is not a "max" lift just get comfortable with pulling heavy from the floor. The WOD will require a partner, alternate movements so that you get a bit of a break as you work through six rounds. Chaka Fit will start off with a workout that ascends in reps and ends with one that descends in reps, in the middle you will get some great upper body accessory work in with tricep extensions and bent rows.

Wednesday: Wednesday's skill work in the CrossFit class will include rope climbs and pistols! Challenge yourself to try a legless rope climb or just work on your foot clamp, no pressure just practice in an EMOM format. The workout will continue in EMOM format, it will require you to work hard to earn your rest! The score today will be the fastest time for 10 burpees. Chaka Fit has three separate workouts that you will tackle with a partner by alternating rounds. This is the time to push hard because you will have the chance to rest while your partner is working!

Thursday: Both classes will work with 500m Row intervals, paired with accessory and mobility work. Record each row interval separately (count it down on your rower) and see if you can maintain the same pace for all six!

Friday: TBD, 19.4

Saturday: Chaka Fit will dare to add a little running into the mix today! Two rounds of movements sandwiched with running and rowing, you will get a good sweat for sure! For the CrossFit class grab a partner and work together on a snatch ladder and then go head to head on the bike!

Sunday: 9am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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