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Chaka Weekly Programming: 3/25/19 to 3/30/19

Congratulations to everyone who finished the 2019 CrossFit Open! Another Open is in the books, we have had a chance to push ourselves to PR's and identify areas we want to work on. Before we dive into the next cycle we are going to take a week to have some "fun". The theme of this week is going to be workouts from CrossFit athletes, coaches and boxes beyond Chaka. Good luck challenging yourself against some of the best!

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Monday: The CrossFit class will take on a CompTrain Master's Benchmark workout from CrossFit New England called "The Joker". The workout features ascending reps of T2B and descending reps of deadlifts. The Chaka Fit class will take on a workout that Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir did at CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland, where the female dumbbell step-up weight was fifty pounds!! Both classes will finish with a buyout from the female champ, Tia-Clair Toomey, that will SMOKE your arms! Scale the weight/reps as needed!

Tuesday: Today will be a heavy day for CrossFit from Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, a WOD with bodyweight backsquats and the bike! Chaka Fit will hit up some interval work from Dan Bailey. It kicks off with a 2 minute window to get in a 400m run and max double unders...who can get back from a 400m run in under 2 minutes? Guessing some of the Chaka Clan will accept that challenge!

Wednesday: CrossFit Anywhere posted a workout called "The Lullaby" that we will attempt to complete today. Feel free to scale it, or get after it for the long haul...burpees and double unders in high volume!! Chaka Fit will take on one from CrossFit Verve, a simple triplet that will get you outside in the fresh air with a run!

Thursday: CrossFit will have a double whammy today with an ICON Athlete workout (Chris Spealler) to begin and a finisher of 200m runs from aerobic capacity master, Chris Hinshaw. Chaka Fit will take on one appropriately called "Leg Pump" from Sam Briggs. She challenges you to wear a weighted vest if it seems too easy!

Friday: Laura Horvath was the rookie on the podium at the CrossFit Games in 2018, she brings us this partner WOD that alternates rounds. Instead of one dumbbell for overhead lunges she has you using 2 kettlebells!! Finish out class doing some core work where you have to rely on your partner.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will take on CrossFit Invictus WOD, "Sage at 20", an AMRAP with a trio of movements. Class will finish out with a cool down jog together for 800m. CrossFit will hit up a CrossFit Linchpin WOD programmed by Pat Sherwood with running, clean and jerks and rope climbs!

Sunday: NO YOGA TODAY! 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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