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Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/1/19 to 4/6/19

Time to get down to business with our next cycle! We will be taking this week to do some benchmark testing, do your best to get to class Monday and Tuesday so that you don't miss out! For the next 12 weeks we will be working towards improving multiple areas of the Strength Continuum. With our tests being a 1RM Power Clean+Hang Squat Clean+Front Squat AND "Fight Club" which requires barbell cycling skills; our focus will be on Absolute Strength (the squat portion), Strength Speed (the clean portion) and Speed Strength (accessory work at lower volume to improve explosiveness and barbell cycling). Improvement in "Fight Club" will also require the honing of your aerobic capacity, so longer workout and interval training under the demand of the barbell will be a crucial portion of this formula as well. Some secondary focuses will include small rep double under workouts to promote development from those who are not quite proficient; and a steady increase in running volume as the weather continues to warm up to acclimate us back to the impact that has on our legs.

You will notice that the Thursday schedule now has the same programming for all classes. This will always include running for those who are beginning to prep for local races; however, there will ALWAYS be the option to sub alternate movements if you already run on different days or prefer to put your focus elsewhere. Fridays will now have split programming for CrossFit and Chaka Fit classes.

Here is your first week of programming, the days of the week in which the topics occur will vary each week:

Monday: The CrossFit Class will climb as heavy as possible for the strength complex we are testing and then finish out with an AMRAP of burpees, double unders and dumbbell snatches. The Chaka Fit class will also have a chance to climb heavy but with two separate movements: dumbbell front squat and Russian kettlebell swings. Class will finish up with 5 rounds for time of rowing, toes to bar and dumbbell hang clean and presses.

Tuesday: This will be considered a longer aerobic day for the week as "Fight Club" will take 17 minutes to complete. A variation of this workout that includes 1 minute stations will take place in both classes. Be sure to track your total reps and weights used for the workout so that when we retest you can set yourself up in the same scenario to gauge your improvement. Log your results in the TRIIB app following the workout so it's easy to reference it when we retest this workout in 12 weeks!

Wednesday: Today in the CrossFit class we will pair the first of the Speed-Strength exercises (weighted squat jumps) to improve the hip extension needed for the clean, with toes to bar work (rhythm or volume). The WOD features a descending rep scheme with lunges, swings and sit-ups. Chaka Fit will focus on hip flexor strengthening in addition to hip extension conditioning with two brand new exercises. The WOD will be AMRAP style and have you traveling back and forth across the box via lunge steps! This one will be challenging on your grip as you need the dumbbells for the entire workout.

Thursday: The running distances in today's AMRAP go up and down like a pyramid, once you hit the peak run of 600m you will work back down to the 400m and 200m runs. No worries if you are just getting back into the swing of things with running...everyone will work for 36 minutes regardless!

Friday: CrossFit will work an overhead pressing movement that will help focus on the strength needed for HSPU (different range of motion than a typical overhead press). Come to class to see what the top half strict press is all about! Class will finish out with a CrossFit Games interval workout with rope climbs, rowing (subbed for the skierg) and overhead squats! The Chaka Fit class will get out the sleds for the first time this spring!! Four minute intervals will challenge you to try to push hard because you get rest but also stay consistent (and get double under practice in!). Finish out class with some new core strength exercises.

Saturday: The Chaka Fit class has 3 separate workouts where you determine your rest between by how fast you finish!! The CrossFit class has a buy in and cash out of an 800m run that sandwiches 2 rounds of barbell movements, gymnastics and burpees!

Sunday: 9-10am Yoga, 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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