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Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/8/19 to 4/13/19

Did you know that Chaka is offering a six week Boot Camp Class on Sundays at 10am starting on May 12th? This hour long class will take you through a warm-up, review the workout and get you ready to push for the long haul. Each week the style of workout will change as well as the equipment focus. There will not be a skill or strength portion included. All unlimited members have access to this class free of charge if they have a friend sign up! Share this email with your friends! The link to sign up is HERE.

We are at week 2 of our cycle! It's now time to start to break down the pieces of our barbell complex and our "Fight Club" WOD to work on improving technique and capacity to move the barbell.

Monday: Today is our heavy day, we will start off the CrossFit class with a pause Front Squat. This will help us be confident in that below parallel position so if needed don't hesitate to use a target to squat to! This will also force us to stay engaged in the bottom position with both our abdominals and spinal erectors. The WOD will force us to string together 10 power cleans, so choose a weight you are capable of doing unbroken. Chaka Fit will also focus on leg strength today, but by isolating each leg with the Bulgarian Split Squat. For the WOD, find the best way to load the sandbag on your run!

Tuesday: This is our day to work on explosiveness by testing out some high box jumps, and we will also expose you to some drills to start to develop the butterfly pull-up technique. Today we will also hit our longer WOD. Five rounds for time of rowing and barbell work, with a 25 minute time cap. The Chaka Fit class will tackle a mini chipper. Knock out each movement as fast as you can, rest and then repeat it and try to beat your time!

Wednesday: We will hit up our intervals today where the expectation is to push the pace because you have rest built into the workout! Those box jump overs show up again today, make the focus to complete them as fast as possible. It's also interval day for Chaka Fit, but with 3 minute windows to work through couplets as many times as possible.

Thursday: Continue to collect some distance in running this spring, two mini WODs with a break between and you can choose your monostructural movements (row, bike or run).

Friday: Clean Deadlifts and Clean Pulls will begin the foundation of our Olympic Lifting progression. The focus will be on set-up, first pull, weight distribution, and vertical extension. The workout today will give you the chance to practice Double Unders, single leg strength, pull-ups (attempt to go unbroken!), and core strength specific to the clean! Chaka Fit will work through a pull and push strength and then tackle a WOD with descending reps.

Saturday: Two mini WODs will be featured in the Chaka Fit class with a small break between, this is your first chance this spring to show the tires what you are made of! The CrossFit Class will give you a great chance to work on split jerk technique to warm up the overhead position for push jerks in the workout. Then crush six rounds with backsquats, box jumps and hang clean and jerks!

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