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Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/15/19 to 4/20/19

Have you marked your calendar for the 2nd Annual 12 Hour/12 Hero WOD event on Saturday, May 25th from 7am to 7pm? Tackle the day with a team, a partner, or solo! Those who participate in all 12 hours will receive a commemorative t-shirt or tank! Registration is coming soon.

Week 3 of our cycle is here! We will continue to break down components of our Clean/Front Squat Complex as well as work with holding onto that barbell without resting!

Monday: Both classes will kick off the week with pushing and pulling strength. CrossFit's movements will be variations to simultaneously strengthen your back. The bent row will focus on pulling and lower back and the front rack Sotts press will hit pressing and upper back. Partner "Randy" will challenge you to hold onto that barbell for Power Snatches, when you put it down running is your penalty! The Chaka Fit class will hit a deadly combo of bike and wallballs!

Tuesday: CrossFit is breaking down the power clean today to focus on vertical extension. It is crucial to use all of the power that the hips have to offer! Double AMRAP 7's is a WOD from Rich Froning, we will revisit the strict handstand push-up for the first time since the Open! Work through a WOD with three rounds for time in the Chaka Fit class with both running and rowing!!

Wednesday: Today is interval day! CrossFit will work through a variety of styles of workouts, most importantly a segment of :30 of Thrusters. This is your chance to become mentally tough and hang on to that barbell or suffer the consequence of the dreaded mountain climbers. The Chaka Fit class will get their heart racing with a high intensity combo of power cleans and burpees!

Thursday: Back to our long endurance day where you will see three back to back triplets that start with a movement that will tax you prior to your 800m run, and then a carry that will allow your heart rate to come down, but test you mentally to keep carrying!

Friday: The CrossFit class will start off with some explosive work of banded Russian kettlebell swings and finish up with a WOD with a descending rep scheme. Chaka Fit's strength will focus all on the hips, work glutes, abductors and hip flexors! The WOD is a simple EMOM that will allow you to work some weaknesses (double unders and pull-ups).

Saturday: Teams of 3 will be needed for today's Chaka Fit class, two will work to tackle a high rep chipper while one runs, when the runner returns they will help chip away while the next teammate runs. "Mr. Halfie" is the CrossFit WOD, a great combo of movements for 5 Rounds, including a chance to work on some medium weight power cleans!

Sunday: Happy Easter! We will have Open Gym from 10am-12pm today! Come work off that Easter candy!

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