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Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/22/19 to 4/27/19

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Week 4 of our cycle is here! We will mix in some time working on the snatch this week and take a break from the power clean until Saturday!

Monday: The week will kick off with a long AMRAP, pace yourself and focus on how you will break up your T2B to avoid going to singles. The medium weight front squat will also force you to focus on keeping that core tight and coming out of the bottom with your chest tall as it applies to our strength complex in this cycle! The Chaka Fit class will also be a longer workout but with a descending rep scheme so you will be forced to move through all the reps until you complete them to rest!!

Tuesday: Taking a break from cleans this week, you will have a chance to break down the snatch and get comfortable pulling yourself under the bar. The workout will be a play on the girl WOD "Helen", by splitting it up into an interval style workout where you will have to move quickly to earn your rest!! The Chaka Fit class will be split up into two workouts, each will require pacing so attempt to make your efforts all equal!

Wednesday: A new variation today for our deadlift, the halting clean deadlift. This will allow us to pull heavier from the floor with a focus on positioning and a pause to reinforce the tension needed in the posterior chain for our cleans, we will still continue to work on that vertical force production with a clean pull to finish out the complex. Bigger sets of HSPU today in the workout will give you a chance to strategize how best to break them up to get through them most efficiently (hint: don't go to failure). Chaka Fit has a strength portion with a squat variation that will tax your arms and core but without heavy weight, as well as isolating each hamstring with a single leg Romanian deadlift. Class will finish out with 5 rounds for time of slam balls, push-ups, toes to bar and a sled push!

Thursday: Today's endurance WOD will have you running fresh at the beginning of a window of time and then finishing out with max reps of a movement. This week you will run a full mile! Scaling options as always will be available.

Friday: A new accessory explosive movement as well as more kettlebell front rack carries will be the focus in the beginning of the CrossFit class, and then a team WOD will have your team working through three movements simultaneously as fast as possible! The Chaka Fit class will focus on back and glutes for the strength and then finish up with an eighteen minute AMRAP that will test your grip strength by requiring the dumbbell for all movements!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will be a ladder style workout that has you working down to 100 double unders and back up to a set of 50 wallballs to complete it. You will be pushed by teammates starting after you, so keep moving to prevent a back up! The CrossFit WOD has a descending rep scheme including rowing, clean and jerks and muscle-ups! A heavy/high skilled WOD will be a great challenge for a Saturday.

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym

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