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Chaka Weekly Programming: 4/29/19 to 5/4/19

Registration is now open for our 12 Hour/12 Hero WOD event on Saturday, May 25th! Every hour on the hour we will complete a Hero WOD. The $30 registration fee gets you access to all 12 hours, plus a shirt IF you participate in each hour. Shirts will be available the week after the event. You can use this LINK to register today! Interested in joining us just for 1 hour? You can choose the regular drop-in option for that. The workouts will be scalable to all ability levels. You can tackle each WOD by yourself or with a partner. The Hero WOD line-up will be posted 2 weeks before the event. The only workout that will be repeated from 2018 is "SMALL", Marc Small has Pennsylvania roots and local connections (even to members at Chaka!). This year we have decided that all of the proceeds from our event will go to Small Steps in Speech, an organization that was started in Marc's honor by his fiance. You can learn more about this great organization here: http://www.smallstepsinspeech.org/

Week 5 is here and we will continue to break down our strength complex, this week working on the hang squat clean. There is also lots of time carved out to work on all of the components of "Fight Club". See the individual days for how these movements will be placed in workouts and the best way to tackle them!

Monday: The week starts off with breaking down the hang squat clean in the CrossFit Class. The focus today is speed under the bar. Start light with a tall squat clean and then climb in weight as you can begin to use your hip extension in the high hang squat clean. You practiced this with the snatch last week, so transfer those same principles to the clean! The workout is a couplet of two notorious movements, the thruster and the burpee. Focus on forcing yourself to hold onto the barbell for the thruster, approach it by working for a set amount of time or for a set amount of reps. Commit to a strategy and follow through! Chaka Fit will isolate each leg with lunges as we continue to build strength to work towards increasing our front squat number. Finish out class with 18 minutes of work, try to stay consistent on your runs!

Tuesday: Class will start with two variations of pulling, strict pull-ups and an upright row (does this look like a piece of your clean?). The CrossFit WOD is a partner WOD that is a play on "Christine", alternate movements with your partner to get through 6 rounds! Chaka Fit will focus on all of the small muscles of the hip as the strength, you will feel the burn! Then finish out with an EMOM, where you will alternate between four movements. It may appear easy because you have built in rest, but looks can be deceiving.

Wednesday: Today's "long" workout will feature two 15 minute WODs. The first one will feature a barbell and the second one will utilize the dumbbell! Chaka Fit will get all their work done in one WOD, but they will grind through 10 rounds! Focus on your air squat technique, chest tall, full depth and extension on each rep!

Thursday: Start out working solo with running and double unders and finish up with a sprint chipper with a partner in today's endurance WOD. Your partner will be determined by when you finish the workout!

Friday: Today is interval day. CrossFit's WOD will be bottleneck style where you will use the end of the time frame to perform max reps of pull-ups and squat thrusts. Your "rest" periods will be filled with some accessory work to focus on explosive hip extension and handstand push-up strength. Chaka Fit will race against themselves in repeats of a three minute AMRAP. The dumbbell clean is up today, a great time to focus on efficiency to prepare for the "Fight Club" retest!

Saturday: Chaka Fit has a ladder style chipper to work through, focus on breaking up your work efficiently so that you minimize your rest. Going to failure in a long WOD will only be detrimental to your end goal of finishing as fast as possible! CrossFit will tackle "Liam", similar to "Murph" it has a run buy in and out and work in the middle that can be partitioned any way! Be creative with how you complete this one!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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